Thursday, June 13, 2013

Arrival in South Africa

We're in the MTC! It took a while but we made it. On the flight to Chicago and London there was Elder Barney, Elder Wells, and Elder Gittens. Wells and Gittens are going to Cape Town.

In Chicago, while we were waiting, a lady came up and started talking to us about the church. She has a friend who was a missionary and she had a Book of Mormon so we challenged her to read it at the end of our discussion. We hadn't even left the U.S. yet and we were already doing missionary work – which was cool.

Chicago to London was a pretty long flight and we were on a 777 plane. We were fed and there were movies that we couldn't watch and then when we got to London we were told that we couldn't leave so we just stayed in the main area. We met up with a group of 23 missionaries who were heading to Milan, Italy but they had missed their flight because their previous one was delayed. They were pretty cool.  One guy passed out in the most uncomfortable position; it was crazy, I could never have slept like that.

We also met up with 6 more Elders; Elder Best, and five other missionaries, who are going to the MTC and then on to Kenya. We just sat around in the airport and ate. We tipped the waiter 40% which made for a funny story because we weren't sure about the exchange rate and it was in pounds and pence and stuff. Some guy did give me a voucher for 5 pounds which made up for it and I went and bought Kinder bars and shared them with everyone.

The flight from London was pretty dull. I fell asleep before we took off, woke up in time for dinner, then slept through breakfast and woke up 20 minutes before we landed. It's nice though because I'm wide awake (and smelly) and most everyone else is pretty tired.

We got picked up by a guy in SA who I'm not sure what his name is but he's a cool guy. His son was the one that proposed after BYU rugby won the championship. At the airport we picked up 5 more Elders from all over Africa. Driving in SA is pretty sketchy. Some guy decided he wanted to be going the other way so he drove though the center divider and just started going the other way. The police also decided that the middle of a freeway was a good place for a party so there were a ton of police cars that shut down a couple of lanes and they set up a tent for a party. They pretty much do whatever they want down here.

They do have pretty cool cars though and I really want to drive a bucky (truck) in my mission. Elder Best said that it will probably be a 4 door Chevy though. We got to the MTC and it’s cool but small. We've filled out some papers and I got 3 more shots. We had lunch which was like a hot pocket pot pie is the best way to describe it and I thought we had mashed potatoes but it turned out to be some thick rice. It was all good though.

I have an interview with the MTC President today, then we get a tour and dinner and orientation and then the fun starts tomorrow. We will go to the Temple on Tuesday and I'll be able to e-mail again next Thursday. I think that’s everything.

Love you all -

Elder Trent Kupka
South Africa MTC