Thursday, June 20, 2013

Week One

I don't even know where to begin. This has been such a crazy week. The week goes by fast but the days go by super slow. I miss you guys but not as much as I thought I would because I am so immersed in learning how to teach that I don't really have much time to think about home.

We have 22 guys here.  Eleven are from the States and then the rest come from Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa and even one from Kirabati. There are ten going to Kenya, seven to Zimbabwe and five of us going to Cape Town. This MTC sends missionaries out to 10 different missions and they have pictures of all of the other groups before us. We will be the 164th group from this MTC.

My Companion is Elder Ojok, he's from Uganda and has been a member for a year and 2 months. He is 23 years old and is the coolest guy ever. We get along so well and I think that really helps with our lessons because we're able to go off each other; some of the other companionships kind of struggle with that. I am so grateful to have him as my companion --- we even have our own handshake. We learn and teach and eat and play sports for 16 hours a day so the days are so long.  I’m loving it though and I feel like I am becoming a better teacher and will hopefully keep improving.  Our two teachers also act as our investigators and they play guys that they really taught during their missions.  

Now onto the fun stuff. We play sports pretty much every day. I've played basketball, futbol, and rugby so far and they've all been really fun. Everyone here is so great and I've never really connected with people so fast in my life. After just a couple of days we were all so close and such good friends that it was pretty incredible.

We went to the Temple on Tuesday and Elder Ojok along with six other Elders got to take out their own endowments for the first time which was such a cool experience to be there with them for that. Before we went in the Temple though we got to go to the Distribution Center and I got a scripture case made of elephant skin and a mini Book of Mormon also bound in elephant skin.

We also had a devotional by Elder Cook who is in the Presidency of the Seventy for the South East Africa Area. He said that now is the time to be in Africa because it is growing so much. It is so true because every African Elder here is a convert and most of them are older than those of us from the States. I am so happy that I was called here and it has been a great experience so far. The Temple was so beautiful, it was really small but it was really awesome. I've been so happy here and we've had so many hilarious experiences, spiritual experiences and just everything is so great. I've learned so much in just this one week and there are still 103 weeks of learning and growing to go.