Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 3

We didn't get a chance to e-mail last week because it was our last day in the MTC and we were flying out the next day to Cape Town. I'll try and say everything that’s happened in the last week and a half but it will be hard.

On our last Saturday in Jo-burg we played soccer during our sports time with some members from the local branch. There were some little kids that were pretty good. They wanted me to play goal keeper and I didn't do a half bad job; I blocked 5 shots and only let 2 in. Then Sunday was super awesome. We sang How Firm a Foundation as a farewell song to all three branches that met in the building and it was so cool. Then that night the missionaries had a testimony meeting and sang hymns for a long time. Our last hymn together as an MTC group was Come Thou Fount and we gave everyone a chance to have a solo and everyone was crying and laughing and having a good time.

We got so close as an MTC group. I honestly feel bad for people who don't go to the SA MTC because it was the greatest thing in the world. Everyone was so awesome and we got along super well. President and Sister Reber were amazing too. In Provo you would never meet the President and get to know them like we did. Sister Reber was seriously like everyone’s Mom; she is the sweetest lady and truly cared for each of us. She rubbed Vicks on my feet because I had a cough and apparently that helps. That’s just an example of how loving she is.

We did get to see the Mission President’s fireside. We woke up at 5:30 in the morning to be able to watch it and it was super awesome so I'm glad we did. Missionary work is really getting going. The Bishop is stressing that fireside a lot and he gave everyone in our ward a copy of it to watch. It's a great time to be on a mission.

On Tuesday we left for the airport to fly to Cape Town. It was only a two hour flight which is a lot less than all of the other flights I've been on recently.  There were seven of us going to Cape Town even though originally it was only going to be five, but the two Elders going to Zimbabwe are now going to Cape Town.  There is some major political stuff going on there and all of the non-local missionaries are getting kicked out and the Mission President might soon be kicked out too.

We were picked up at the airport by President and Sister Wood and the AP's. They gave us chocolate and drove us to the mission home which is beautiful.  They took us up to Signal Hill and we were able to take pictures of Table Mountain, Devil’s Peak, The City, Robin’s Island and the ocean. It was such a great experience as they read to us an entry from the first missionary in Cape Town in 1853. We then drove back for orientation and slept, which was much needed by then.

The next day was transfer day and there were 50 missionaries roaming around the house by Noon. I am serving with Elder Sompke in Mowbray, which is a walking area. It's one of the few walking areas in the mission. Elder Sompke is awesome. My first impression of him wasn't the greatest but I've really come to like him and he is a great trainer. Our area includes the University of Cape Town which is cool but they are on holiday right now so it's kind of slow. We do have a few investigators and two with a baptismal date which is very exciting. I've only taught two lessons so far but we have four scheduled for tomorrow and I can't wait to start teaching people.

One cool thing that happened this week is that we were going to check on a less active member and on our way there we saw a woman doing yard work outside of her flat so we asked her if we could help. She had just moved in and thought it looked gross and she was a little perplexed when we offered to help but she finally said we could. Afterward, she was so happy to have us work with her and for free. She said the world needs more people like us and she was so grateful.  It was cool though because the Lord always has a plan for us and we just need to listen to His promptings.

Random Fact: a Justin Bieber song is being played on the street outside our building right now.

My first church meeting here was cool. The Ward is super awesome and everyone came up to introduce themselves to me. I also blessed the Sacrament, gave an introduction in Sacrament meeting, helped my companion teach the 7 year olds in Primary and handed out the fireside DVD's after church. So they keep us busy. I also get to give the Bishops family a FHE lesson tonight. Things are going good out here.

It is so beautiful here that I wish I had my camera cord so I could send you pictures but next week I promise there will be a lot. Even the pictures can't do this place justice though. Today was a good first P-day because we hiked to Boomslang Caves in Fish Hoek. We had to crawl our way through in some parts and walk on some stones across the water but the view when we got out on the other side was amazing.

It's been a good first week in Cape Town and I'm glad I'm here and glad to be doing the Lord's work.

Love you all,

Elder Kupka