Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 11

I'm glad that my emails make your Mondays better.  As for Pinky I think she has felt the Spirit but she just doesn't realize it. She hasn't met with us or come to Church for these last two weeks because she was talking about taking a break. We try to send her an SMS every day with a scripture to uplift her but I don't know if it's helping or not.

I liked what you said from Brother Kohler’s talk and I know what you mean about not worrying about myself. I try to give my best effort and always try to be an example of Jesus Christ and try to find the people who are ready. I've found a lot of people who aren't ready but all I can do is keep trying and put my trust in the Lord.

This week has been good. We had three appointments drop on us so that wasn't too good but we were able to follow up on some other people to teach. We stopped by the Richie’s house and he likes the Book of Mormon and he thinks it's the word of God but he just can't get over the fact that we are the only church that uses it. He doesn't seem to listen when we try and explain things to him and he always has his TV on and won't turn it off unless we pray.  He's never there if we make an appointment with him so we have to try and stop by at random times.

We did some service this week for Brother Mike. We tried painting some of his walls but it turned out terrible. The paint was white in the bucket but when we put it on the walls it came out grey and we ran out of paint. We're going to go back and fix things up but I just feel bad that they look so bad.

I also went on exchanges with our new Zone Leader, Elder Martin, whose Great-Great-Grandfather bought the lot that the church is on now in Mowbray. He's a cool guy and we did some tracting after we painted at Brother Mike’s place. Nothing too fruitful came out of it though. We met a giant of a man who used to play rugby but he doesn't "do" religion. 

We also met another lady who doesn't believe in Jesus Christ and I think she might have been another Wiccan. She couldn't lock her door and gate fast enough; she hadn’t even finished her sentence by the time the door closed. We met a few people who said that they would call us if they're ever free and I pray that they do but nothing has come out of it yet. 

Friday was Elder Sombke's one year mark and since we're supposed to be in by dark on the weekends we had some extra time on our hands so we went into town and got some ice cream. It was good and we also drove up to Signal Hill at night so I have some cool pictures to send home if the computers ever work.

We hiked Lion’s Head today. It was pretty fun. You get a really cool view of the ocean and Cape Town from up there and there's some parts where you have to climb up on chains and little metal foot holds. It was a good time and we did it as a Zone.  Afterward we went to a place called Eastern Foods Bazaar and I got this thing called Bunny Chow. It’s a half a loaf of bread hollowed out and filled with chicken and a spicy sauce. It was pretty good but very filling and I couldn't finish all of it. I've been learning to eat all sorts of food here that I wouldn't have before. It's been good. I think I've been getting a pretty good balanced diet especially because of Brother Mike.

One other thing is that we caught the end of a rerun of a BYU volleyball game at a member’s home the other day. It was weird though seeing the Smith Fieldhouse and Brother Robison and even Danny Rasmussen was there holding a sign counting all of the errors the other team made. It was funny but made me a little trunky; I got over it though.  I'm loving the mission and trying to do the best that I can. I miss and love you guys.

Elder Kupka