Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 9

I'm not too worried about getting mugged out on the streets and I keep most of my money in my white baptismal pants pocket in my closet. They didn't look there last time so I'm taking that as a good sign. I keep my camera in a back part of my backpack so they probably won't see it to know to take it. If they do mug us they say to just give them whatever they want.

As for our bathroom window, it’s just a plastic latch that is very flimsy and probably just popped open when they put some force on it so we lock our bathroom door when we leave now because the locks here are all keyed.

The ward is super awesome and I love it. It was the first ward created in Africa. There's a plaque that tells the story of a man who sold his bakery and moved to Utah and gave the money to the Church to build the chapel. That man’s great-great grandson just got transferred into our ward. So that’s pretty cool. It's a good mix of black and white and there are some colored people too. There are enough people for all of the callings. The missionaries teach the gospel principles class and I taught about service yesterday; it went very well so I was happy. I can't really speak with an accent yet but I am picking up on things that they say here such as “hectic”, or “yo” which means Wow or Really?

As for the click language that depends on where I go. There are guys from my transfer who are learning it because they are in a township called Mdantsane on the Eastern Cape. I have learned a few words so far. It’s called Xhosa and the X is a click noise with your tongue. How it works is that the letters X, C, Q and some others each make their own click sound. Most people laugh at me when I try but I'm learning it little by a little. It does stink about Namibia not being in our mission anymore because apparently it's the “Promised Land”, if you can get there. Members set up appointments for you and feed you all of the time.

I'm feeling much better now and think I just ate something that made me sick before. Brother Mike does still feed us. We were kind of worried that our new Zone Leaders wouldn't want to pick us up to get it or bring it to us since we don't have a car but they’re fine with it. In our flat we make PB&J, eggs, cereal, toast, etc. Elder Sombke is a good cook so he'll cook chicken or mince but usually if we eat breakfast and then have Brother Mike’s food we are filled for the day. I haven’t eaten anything crazy yet.

Brother Mike makes chicken broccoli, mince pasta bake, fish cakes, Hake, and there’s always two vegetables with his food; carrots, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, butter nut squash, pumpkin. There's a really good desert called Malava pudding which is delicious! It's also served with brownies and ice cream. There’s a food called smiley which is cooked sheep’s head and you eat the cheek and the brain. That’s usually more in townships though so I haven't had it yet and I don't know if I want to ever have it.

I'll send more pictures this week and see how it works. This last week has been so busy yet not. We've had two Elders from Meadowridge staying with us for a week and half. So things have been pretty hectic. One of them is getting the rest of us sick but I think I'm already over it because I'm feeling a lot better. It's putting a lot of stress on all of us though because our flat isn’t made for four people. Wednesday was transfers and we had to go with them because one Elder was leaving and one Elder was coming in and there is only one set of keys to our flat. It was good though because I got to see a ton of other Elders.

I've only been here two months but I've become pretty good friends with a lot of people and everyone seems to love me here. It's kind of weird but everyone thinks I'm super funny and loves being around me. Can't say I blame them but it's just kinda weird.

I love it here and I love my area and I love my ward and I love the other missionaries. I also love my investigators but they are making things hard. Some can't come to church some can but don't. They work all day or go to school so it's been a pretty rough first area. We do our best but a lot of other missionaries tell me that they’re sorry that I have to start in this area. I make the most of it though.

I had to say good-bye to Elder Morris this week which was pretty strange. I've only known him for six weeks but we spent a lot of time together and he's a pretty cool guy. He was the only one in his transfer so no one else left. Elder Gillespie, our district leader, got moved to East London and Elder Radebe has replaced him. He's a pretty cool guy and we like him so far. He did accidentally run over his companion yesterday but he's alright. I don't really know what else to say; it's been a busy week just not proselyting busy. I miss you guys. I've gotten a little trunky this last week but I'll get over it.

Until next week,
Elder Kupka