Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 12

As for this week, it was a pretty slow one. Last P-day we hiked to Lion’s Head which was pretty fun. I don't remember if I told you about it last week but we had to climb up some parts using metal rungs stuck in the rocks. Afterwards we went to a place called Eastern Foods Bazaar. They have food from all over the East and it's one of the few places you can find Chinese Food.

On Tuesday there was a leadership training so two other Elders and I went on a “tripanionship” exchange. It was interesting. We were at the office for a while because Elder Cathemer had to do some post stuff. Then none of us really had any appointments to go to so we went and ate Sushi. After we finished the other Elders called us to say they were ready so we just went back to our flat until they arrived about an hour later.

Elder Sombke and I went to Checkers to get some groceries and a man stopped us and asked if we were the religion where you can have seven wives. We quickly told him no and gave him a Restoration pamphlet and explained what we really believe. People’s ideas about what we believe are so skewed; it's ridiculous.

On Wednesday it rained so hard that we couldn't even go out. We tried for a bit and got so soaking wet that it drenched through all of our clothes. On Thursday we had exchanges with the AP's. I went to their area and it was pretty good. We taught a guy the Restoration. He had a question about why we drink water instead of wine for the Sacrament and Elder Chikara asked me to answer the question. I'd never answered that question before and this guy was a pretty new investigator so I didn't want to get too deep into it. So I kind of struggled for a bit to come up with an answer but finally I just started talking and apparently it turned out to be a pretty good answer.  (Note:  It has to do with compliance with the Word of Wisdom)

We also went to a place called Lavender Hills to set up an appointment with one of their investigators. Lavender Hills happens to be the most dangerous place in the whole mission. It was kind of weird going there but it was a pretty calm day and we went at like 2:00 in the afternoon so it wasn't too bad. Apparently nights and weekends get super sketchy.

On Friday President Wood showed up at our District meeting which was kind of nerve racking at first but it ended up being a very good District meeting about helping members get involved in missionary work. The rest of Friday, Saturday and Sunday Elder Sombke was sick. We think he might have strep throat so we’re going to go to the doctor sometime this week. We were told to just stay in our flat and it got pretty boring for me because he just slept.

So even though this wasn't the most exciting week it was still a good one. We only have two weeks left until transfers and then I'll be getting a new companion. It's exciting and scary. I'll be finished with training and will just be a regular missionary.  I’ll most likely stay in this area though because Elder Sombke will have been here for six months at the end of this transfer. Who knows though, anything could happen. Well, I love you guys and miss you lots. The church is true!

Elder Kupka