Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 14

Elder Sombke has been feeling better this last week. We went to the doctor’s office and got some medicine for him. There's not much that I can do when we stay home. I clean the flat, do laundry, read the scriptures, take a nap. This last week he was good though so we actually got out and did some work. Every missionary in Cape Town goes to this same doctor and I just wait in the waiting room.

We've been talking about going to see the penguins during this whole transfer but they are about an hour and a half away and we've never gone. It looks like it's going to be a while until I get to see them too because I am being transferred this week. At Stake Conference yesterday President pulled people aside and told them if they were getting leadership positions and Elder Sombke is becoming the District Leader and staying in this area. He'll have been here for seven and a half months and gone through four companions after this next transfer.

As for me, I don't know where I'll be going or who I'll be with but I do know that I'm flying into the East London airport. I have some inside news from the office Elders about my travel plans. I'll find out the specifics of everything tonight. I thought that I would be in this area for like the first six months but I guess not. I'm excited to go to the Eastern Cape. There's lots of work to be done, crazy experiences to be had, and animal parks to visit. I think that I might be going with Elder Gillespie, my old District Leader. I would be pumped if that happened, but who knows.

Cape Town has felt like a pretty normal westernized city. It really isn't a whole lot different from the US. Maybe things will be different on the other side of the country. I'm kind of sad to be leaving. Although the work here has been slow I enjoy being in Cape Town. A third of the missionaries from the whole mission serve in Cape Town. So it's nice to see all of the missionaries and there are a lot of cool guys here. I love the ward too. I still remember my first Sunday here and how nice everyone was and how so many people came up and introduced themselves to me. It's been a good first three months here in Mowbray and I'm going to miss it a lot. I know that I have work to do wherever I'm going and I'm very excited for it.

This week the Bishop and his family invited us over for dinner and to meet their son’s atheist friend. We didn't really get to talk to him about his beliefs but I hope that we were able to plant some seeds about the church. They were talking about inviting him and the missionaries over for dinner again in the future. He's a nice guy and I hope he comes to enjoy the church. We also taught Sister Zita the Gospel of Christ this week. I lead the lesson and did most of the talking. The lesson went great and she understood it and is ready to live it. At the end I also extended a baptismal date for her and she accepted for the 13th of October. I am so excited for her because she has such a desire to be baptized. I'm sad that I won't be here for the baptism but I'm so happy for her and I'm just glad that I was able to reach this point.

We also got three dvd referrals this week. One guy wasn't there when we showed up and another guy said he'd call us when he's ready for us but never called. He did sound a little crazy though. When I called him to make an appointment he asked me who I was and I said, “Elder Kupka from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.”  His reply?  “I don't know you.”  I explained, “I know you don't know me but I have the dvd you ordered.” Again he told me he doesn't know me. This went on a few more times until he finally understood. The third dvd though was a guy I remember giving a Pass Along card to. He seems like a really solid guy and I see a lot of potential in him. I hope he works out well for Elder Sombke since I'm out of here.

Like I said before, we had Stake Conference this last week. We went to the adult session on Saturday. I thought it was going to be really boring instruction on callings that don't pertain to us. What actually happened is they had a presentation on hastening the work of salvation taught by President Wood and President Holmes, the Stake President. It was really awesome and this Stake is really ramping up the missionary work. The Stake is also going to split very soon. It's pretty exciting.

At the next session we sang in the choir. We sang All Creatures of Our God and King. It sounded awesome. We also heard some really good talks. One of the speakers was a guy I had met a few weeks ago who served in London with Mica's brother. Then on Sunday we had the general session. We had to go early to warm up with the choir. We also got to see the members come pouring in the doors when they opened. It was so cool to see them all come in. There were about 1,100 people there yesterday; all in one room at the Cape Town International Convention Center.

We sang our two songs but then they also surprised all of the missionaries by having us go up with the Primary kids and sing Armies of Helaman. It was a very powerful moment. The conference was great too. I ended up taking six pages of notes. It was a very nice last Sunday in Cape Town. We're planning on visiting members today and tomorrow so I'll hopefully get some pictures with them before I leave.

The mission is going great and I've loved my first area. I'm excited to move on to my next one this week. It's been crazy fast but I've loved almost every minute of it. I love and miss you guys. I'm trying to be the best representative of you that I can.


Elder Kupka