Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 17

Molo, unjanie?   That means, “hello, how are you” in Xhosa.

I cannot wait for the 20th. Apiwe is so ready for baptism and I'm so excited for her. Another girl named Patience is also going to be baptized that day. They both have members in their families and that's how they were introduced so the people here are really listening to the Prophets about getting involved. Our three best investigators are living with member families. The third is a guy named Sivu who we just started teaching. He's a really cool guy who is going to be baptized on November 17th. The Ward only does baptisms on the 3rd Sunday of each month for some reason.

Conference was awesome. I loved it so much. I missed most of the first session and half of the Priesthood session because the feed kept cutting out. So during the Priesthood session we went and got a member’s laptop and watched it streaming through the internet. It worked a lot better but we did miss a few parts because the internet would stop working for a couple of minutes. It didn't happen too often though which was nice.

The Sunday morning session was so powerful. I loved all of the talks; especially S. Gifford Nielson. He was just so enthusiastic as he talked about missionary work. I really enjoyed his talk. President Eyring's talk was great too. They were all so good. It was kind of strange because most of the leaders of the Ward left to watch Conference in their homes and put me and my companion in charge. We had the keys to everything and knew the password to the computer. When the internet stopped working we'd go up and make it look like we were doing something to fix the internet to appease the members but we were really just waiting for the internet to fix itself. Because we were left in charge we might have stayed up until midnight to watch the last session of Conference with the other six missionaries. Whoops. It was nice though.

I can't believe how many members and missionaries there are right now! The church is growing so much. I remember when they announced we were at 13 million members. I also noticed that every single prayer mentioned the missionaries which made me feel good. Elder Jones is an AP here. He's a cool guy. The AP's were part of my last Zone so I saw him a lot. He's actually coming to Queenstown today to do exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I have not gotten the letter you mailed yet but that was also Elder Jones’ fault. When we had Zone Conference the AP's were supposed to bring our post with them instead of mailing it out. Instead they left it in Port Elizabeth. We should be getting it today though.

This week has been another very good one. There is so much teaching going on here. I love it. A very cool thing that happened last month after we emailed is we went to a spur (note: restaurant?) because on Mondays they have buy one get one free burgers. So it's a very common spot for missionaries to go on Mondays. As we were about to pay the bill the waitress told us that the lady at the table next to us is going to pay for all of our meals. There were eight missionaries and we each got a burger deal per companionship. So it cost her 200 rand to pay for us. We went and talked to her and asked her why she did it and she said because we are doing a very awesome thing. She isn't a member but had met with the missionaries before and didn't want to meet with any of us again but she still thought we were doing a very awesome thing. It was so nice of her. I just wish we could have talked to her more.

Nothing major really happened this week. We did a lot of teaching. I bought some cool ties when I went on exchanges with Elder Obonye on Friday. He says I'm a really good teacher. I've definitely become much better at teaching here because I've had a lot more practice than in Cape Town. I really can't think of any interesting things that happened this week. We were very busy with conference and trying to invite everyone we could to that. I'm sorry this email is short but I did send a lot of pictures so I hope that makes up for it. I love the work here in QT and I could not have asked for a better companion. I get along with all of the missionaries who are here. I have no complaints whatsoever right now. Which makes me nervous for next transfer because President Wood likes to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comforted. I get the feeling I'll get afflicted but I'll make the most of whatever happens.

Until next week. I love you all -
Elder Kupka

PS - I just thought of something cool that I had forgotten about. I gave my first blessing Saturday night after Conference. I'd done the anointing before but never the sealing. It was a member’s daughter and she had a very Xhosa name. I struggled through and I hope the Lord understands. There were clicks and letters thrown together in ways that I've never seen before. The blessing itself turned out to be very nice. I was a little nervous at first but once things got going it came naturally. 

The Heritage dinner

Elder Mahoney
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