Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 20

My companion was dressed in white because he did the baptism. They choose who they want and they both knew him longer. I will be confirming them and giving them the Holy Ghost this Sunday. It was supposed to be last Sunday but we had Ward Conference and the Stake people didn't want to do it. I don't know why. It will happen this week though.

I have been very blessed with my companions. Elder Mahoney is great; I cannot find a flaw in him other than the fact that he's too nice and even that isn't bad. But President's favorite saying is that it is his job to afflict the comforted and comfort the afflicted so I'm worried I'm about to get afflicted. I'm ready for it though. I know how to work in this area and I'm ready to put someone to work if they don't want to. Hopefully it won't happen and who knows - Elder Mahoney might stay. I won't find out until tonight though so you guys will have to wait a week to find out!

This week has been a good one. Last Monday after emailing we went Chinese shopping. There's a ton of Chinese shops here and everything is super cheap. I bought a picture book for 15 rand and it even matches my pillowcase! Ha Ha - it was the only one they had but it's a nice one. I bought a jacket as well. It's the one I'm wearing in most of the pictures I sent you. I hope you appreciate all of the pictures. We went up to a dam and took even more pictures. We then had FHE in Mlungisi with Mama Noxolo and her two sons. They are recent converts but they are already super powerful in the Church. One of the sons is named Siamtanda. He is 17 and blesses the sacrament every week. The other son is the kid I sent a picture of. I have no idea how to even guess at spelling his name.

We watched The Testaments and ate delicious food that she prepared. It was soo good. I thought that I would starve in South Africa but I get overfed more than anything. We have a big Tupperware full of food from the Bomelas in our fridge because the Jaxas were already feeding us last night not to mention we were fed lunch. And one of our recent converts says that I look like I'm losing weight. I love it!

On Wednesday we had Zone Training. We were trying to get our car washed because apparently in Cape Town President told the Elders to wash their car for training and they didn't so they had to walk and take taxis for a week. He didn't say anything to us but we wanted to make sure. We tried several times on Tuesday but all of the places were busy so we hand washed it at 6:30 that night. In the morning we realized we did a terrible job so we went to get it washed somewhere before the training. We left it there and came back 45 minutes later. They were still spraying the same car they had been spraying when we left! It was ridiculous. So we just gave up and went to the training. It ended up not mattering and we traded cars with the Elder in Mthata. Apparently their area is a very rough place to drive and their car was so old that they needed a different one. So we got theirs and the air conditioning doesn't work very well, we got a flat tire the first night driving it, and it makes a funny noise all of the time. We were told that we're going to get a new car soon though; a brand new Etios most likely.  It is a manual drive car so I'm a little bit nervous but hey, I'll come back knowing how to drive stick shift.

The training was about putting on the whole armor of God and being obedient; it was very good. President and Sister Wood are amazing. We also have a senior couple in Queenstown now! Their names are Elder and Sister Thomas. Elder Thomas worked for a mining company. They are from Utah but they lived in Joburg for 16 years as well as in Lima, Peru and Chile. They are super nice and have made us cookies and gave Elder Mahoney his favorite hair cut he's ever had. I'm very grateful for them and very excited for these next few months with them. They will be working with us during the week but they will go to Sada one day a week and on Sundays to help the ward there. They are so awesome.

We've taken them fellowshipping with us twice already. We took them to see Daryl and Lianet this week. They talked for a while and then at the end of the lesson Elder Thomas asked Daryl who his Bishop was back in Joburg. He said it was Bishop Decock and he couldn't remember the guy before him. Elder Thomas looked at him and said, "It was me." Daryl was so surprised and he let out a little gasp. It was the craziest thing. I really think the Thomas' were sent here to help him. He promised he would come to church this week but he ended up not because he couldn't find his church pants until 10:00 am. Lamest excuse I have ever heard. Apparently the last time he came to church he was wearing jeans anyway. I told him that he still could have come after that but he's like we missed sacrament meeting and that's the most important part. I told him there's still two more hours that will help you. It's frustrating.

We're going to take the Thomas' with us every time we see him now. Maybe this is the extra push he needs to come back to church and bring his fiance who is investigating. Thursday was pretty uneventful. On Friday we helped Sister Mkabile move back into her house and she was the one we helped move out when I first got here. We were also on exchanges so I was biking in Mlungisi with Elder Black. In the POURING rain. Luckily the Thomas' were coming with us that night so we just had to bike back to the flat and meet with them.

We then went to a less active member’s house and I shared an FHE lesson with her centered around Alma 50. She said that it really helped and that she will come to church. I didn't see her but she might've been there. It was really cool to hear how much it helped her and she was even feeling sick when we started but she was feeling better by the end because the spirit was so strong. The Thomas' were very impressed with the lesson as well. This is their first mission and they're still not exactly sure what they are doing. They'll be great though.

Nothing else crazy happened this week. We finished the transfer strong and taught 30 lessons this week which gave us a grand total of 136 for the transfer. I've loved these last six weeks and the worst part was being stressed out because we had too many people to see and were often times running late. It all worked out for the best though. I'm loving the mission and the time is flying by. I can't believe it. I miss you all and love you. Until next week.

Elder Kupka