Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 23

Snow and Winter - that's weird to think about. It's usually very hot here but it has rained the last few days. We have to start sharing our car with the Mlungisi Elders once a week now which kind of stinks because the two times I've been on bikes it rained very, very hard; the hardest I've seen in Queenstown. Lucky me!

Time is flying by very fast. Last December I was working on my mission papers and now I've been here for five months. I'm not entirely sure how Skyping home works but I do get to call you guys a few days before to set everything up so I'm sure I'll know by then. I got the iPod this week and they overnighted it from East London because they didn't have one anywhere in Queenstown. I will be able to Skype you guys from my iPod so I just need to find a place with WiFi. If I use Elder and Sister Thomas' laptop there will be ten other missionaries there and we won't be able to talk for as long.

As for a package I don't really need anything. Things like jerky or candy and stuff like that would be nice. I am very sad to hear that Diana Cranney passed away. She was such a wonderful woman and she was always so nice to me. That's sad that she's gone but life doesn't end after death. Even the JW's believe that. Two old ladies who were JW missionaries knocked on our door and asked if they could share something with us. We said of course and we were going to invite them in but they just gave us a pamphlet and walked away because they saw our tags. The pamphlet was interesting though because apparently God hates death and it is His enemy and there are at least seven instances of Resurrection in the Bible. They think that when Jesus brought people back to life that was resurrection. They're just a little bit confused.

That's great that you found the baptism picture. I can download things from the internet cafe and put them on the flash or the iPod. I haven't gotten the flash yet but I did get your post card and a letter from Mica and Quincie today.

This week has been yet another good one. Not the busiest ever becauee everyone is studying, writing, or marking exams because everyone seems to be a student or a teacher. We did get to see some good people though. Daryll and Lianet are doing awesome. They've been coming back to church and living the commandments. Daryll has gone to the Bishop to start making the changes he needs to so that he can one day baptize Lianet. I hope that it happens while I'm here but it might take a little longer. I'm so happy for them though and they are doing very good.

We saw Sivu afew times and finished teaching him all of the lessons and he was baptized yesterday. Elder Obonye and I were running around basically the whole time during church filling up the baptismal font and getting people their baptism clothes and making the program for the baptisms. Elder Obonye also gave a talk and baptized an 8 year old yesterday. So it was busy. We were also on exchanges yesterday so that why we were doing all the running around. It was hectic but everything went smoothly and there were no problems. Except when we came back to check the baptismal font the water had turned a dark brown. We told the Bishopric and they said it's normal and to just tell the people that it's like they're being baptized in the river. The water went clear again after that and it diluted the brown by the time the baptisms happened so it wasn't too bad. Brother Jaxa baptized Sivu. He's the ward mission leader and Sivu stays at his house so that will be memorable for them.

The little kid that I had to pull out of my car last week sat next to me again this Sunday. I tried to keep him under more control this time and he didn't run off with any of my stuff but he did try to pull the buttons off of my suit jacket because I wouldn't let him see my scriptures. I think he was doing it jokingly but I'm not sure. He's a wild little kid.

We also taught Brother Richard's 9 and 12 year old sons the law of chastity this week. I had no idea how to start the lesson with them but after a few awkward moments we started it and the rest of the lesson went smoothly and luckily they didn't have any questions afterwards. It hasn't been the most interesting of weeks and I cannot wait until exams are over but until then we’ve just got to keep pushing along. I'm also getting pretty good at driving stick shift. I only stall out once a day now and we've only had the car a week and we take turns driving. I think that's all I have for this week. I'll send some pictures too.

Love you all,

Elder Kupka