Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 25

I received all of the pictures that you sent by email and I also got the flash drive today. It's crazy that it takes a month to get things to me. It sounds like I missed a lot of fun recently but I'm glad that you had a good time on Thanksgiving and your birthday. Happy Birthday by the way! I love you so much Mom and I miss you. I do like to hear about all of the fun stuff you guys are doing so I know that you don't just sit around missing me ;)  

This week has been a good but weird one. Last Monday we went to a Christmas concert put on by the local high schools that a few  members were singing in. It was held at the Roman Catholic church. It's a very large church with lots of ornate decorations inside. They also read from the Bible and taught false doctrine. It was supposed to be about Christmas but they started talking about Adam and Eve and how it was such a terrible thing that they did. Eventually they started talking about Christ which was good. But while they were doing it there were pictures of Santa playing an electric guitar on some projectors. It was all very confusing. They also sang Silent Night but changed the lyrics. It was weird night and we got lots of strange looks.

Thanksgiving was a nice day. One of the Elders in the other flat made muffins for everyone which were pretty good and a good way to start the day. We taught some lessons that day and then went to Spur with 8 of the 10 missionaries here. It was all you can eat ribs and wings. I sent a picture and the wings are hidden under the ribs. They brought out three more plates after the first one but the portions became much smaller the more you ate. I was filled though. We also got fed by a member just a few hours beforehand, so I was very stuffed --- just how you're supposed to be on Thanksgiving.

On Friday we had the bikes again but we had forgotten so we scheduled appointments that we needed a member fellow-shipper for but unfortunately we couldn't get anyone to go with us since we were on bikes. We were going to teach Apiwe and were planning on just teaching her in the parking lot at Pick N Pay because there are some nice park benches there. But when we got there a bunch of the youth were sitting outside waiting for the church to be opened because they had an activity. They said people were coming soon but we ended up talking with them for an hour and half before someone came. Luckily our next appointment wasn't for a while. It was good though to build relationships with more members.

I also was asked to dance with a couple of guys in the parking lot. They might have been a bit drunk according to Elder Slabbert. I told them that I was American so they told me that I should know how to shake my booty. I, of course, don't know how to do that so we just took some pictures. It was fun. Apiwe told me that I'm too trusting and would get mugged if I served in a township. Hopefully that doesn't happen if I ever go to a township. 

On Saturday we were very busy. We started in the morning by doing service at a member’s home in Ezibeleni. We were moving rubble and dirt around because he's remodeling his house. It wasn't too bad but my shoulders were sore the next day from moving the wheel barrow the whole time and I got a little sun burnt even though it was overcast and cloudy. They fed us afterwards too which made for a nice breakfast. We had an appointment at Daryll and Lianet’s house and they ordered a triple decker pizza for us from a place called Debonair's. It is basicallly three pizzas in one. The pizza was kind of late getting there which made us late for our next appointment. It was very good though and we couldn't be rude and turn it down.

The next appointment was a referral from Brother Qinesela and we were going to pick him up from another member’s house and then go to the appointment. We were running late so we hurried to get there and when we arrived there was this giant white tent and people talking inside. We went in the tent and it was Brother Jaxa Jr.'s wedding reception. They were doing their traditional wedding because they had already been married in the temple. There was even more food and everyone was dressed in traditional clothes and singing and dancing. It was the first Xhosa wedding I'd ever been to and it was really neat to see even though I had no idea what was going on since it was all in Xhosa.

Because of it we were too late for our next appointment and couldn't go see them so Brother Qinesela said he would reschedule. I'm very excited to meet this referral family. It's apparently a family of five and it would be awesome if they all got baptized. I haven't really done much teaching of families but they are the best way to build up the kingdom.

That's all I have for this week. Transfers are next week which has come up so fast that I still don't believe it. The most likely thing to happen is that I'll stay in Queenstown with Elder Slabbert but there are apparently 20 new Elders coming in this transfer and Elder Slabbert might train and if that happens then I will be gone. I don't want to leave though because I really like Queenstown; more for the people than the place but it's a great Ward out here and I would be very fine with staying. Anyway I love and miss you all and we will be Skyping in just a few weeks. I'm very excited.

Elder Kupka

Brother Jaxa eating a sheep's head
Brother Wayne
Me and Limpho

Me and Apiwe
Drunk guys who wanted to dance 
Thanksgiving dinner