Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 26

Elder Slabbert and I get along. He's a white South African from Centurion which is near Pretoria. He's a good guy. My day to day life isn't too exciting. We wake up, eat, study, and then try and find something to do in the mornings, which is hard because no one is home at 10:00 a.m. for lessons. The weather has been fine here and I don't miss snow at all. It's been hot but not too bad and it rained yesterday.

I haven't been working out lately because I'm just not very motivated and the weights aren't very heavy so they don't do much. When we come back at night we sit around the boarding and talk until bed time. It is nice being in a four man boarding with another one directly across from us and then the two Zone Leaders live close by. And now we have a senior couple too so that's been nice.

Yesterday was Elder Grant’s birthday so we all went over to the other boarding and Sister Thomas made a cherry cheesecake. We sat around talking and tried to come up with transfer predictions since this is week one now and we don't find anything out until tonight.

Driving has been good. It only took a few days to get used to driving on the left hand side of the road and since I didn't really know how to drive stick before it wasn't hard switching to it on the other side. I've been doing pretty good at stick and it's probably been a week since I stalled but then last night I did it randomly at a stop light. I was mad.

I'm sad that I missed baby Kate's arrival. I'm happy for Lynn and Joe and I hope all goes well for them. She looks cute and little in her picture.

Um, things I miss and want for the Christmas package are Reeses, sour cream and onion chips, barbecue chips, beef jerky, Pop Tarts, Milano cookies, Lindor chocolate, Dr. Pepper (but you can't really send that) just things like that. I'm not going to be sad with whatever you send.

Things have been going well this week. Luckily we taught more lessons than we did last week. We've been teaching this kid named Iko. He's 9 years old and his Mom is a member but his Dad isn't. I think he's going to be baptized soon. We've just taught him the first three lessons which is usually enough for kids but he wasn't able to come to Church last week because he was at the doctor for something. We're going to ask next time if he wants to be baptized. He also lives in Queen’s View Park which is a bit outside of town and we went and saw him on Friday but we forgot that we get the bikes on Friday so it was a very long bike ride out. Also the road is on an incline so it was a hard ride.

We also had a lesson with Daryll and Lianet this week where we had to tell them that Lianet couldn't be baptized until they are married or separated. Elder Slabbert and I were just looking at each other because we had no idea how to approach it. Luckily Elder and Sister Thomas were with us and Elder Thomas jumped in and explained it beautifully. They said that they've actually been thinking of getting married now and then just renewing their vows in a year; which is awesome!

As far as the death of Nelson Mandela goes, nothing has really happened here except that there are lots of signs and things. We dropped our car off to get it washed while we email and the guy turned to me and said that my president is coming. I had no idea what he was talking about because I thought he meant President Wood and that he knew that was why we were getting our car washed. He meant that President Obama is coming for Mandela's funeral along with George Bush and Bill Clinton. So, apparently there is a huge funeral going to happen but we're not the most informed people about what is going on around us since we're on the mission.

We were at a member’s home the night that they announced that Mandela had died and the daughter of the family was upset since she couldn't watch Generations, which is a TV show here, because of all of the coverage. He was born near Mthata which is also near where he died and there are missionaries there and they said that there were six armored cars blocking the highway to his house so you couldn't even drive by.

Well, that’s all of the news for this week. I wish we got transfer news sooner so that I could tell you guys now if I am leaving and I would like to have more time to say good-bye to people if it does happen. I think I will probably stay with Elder Slabbert this transfer but I will let you know.

Love you all,
Elder Kupka

The Hinana family