Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 31

Hola Familia!

I feel very much the same way that time is flying by. Today is my seven month click day so things are getting pretty wild. My last letter was a good one but this one probably won't be as good.

I finally got my Christmas package and I loved it! I've eaten most of it already which probably isn't a good thing but it was delicious. I didn't think I liked jelly beans but Dr. Pepper jelly bellies are delicious. We started doing P90X this week so hopefully that will even out all of the chocolate that I've eaten. It's a really good work out and I couldn't stand up straight or walk very well after doing it.

The tie clasp was a bit short for my ties but luckily they fit Elder Erickson’s ties and he had one that was too long for his but it fits mine so we made a trade. I don't think I need anything else. Letters are alright but I don't mind emailing. I've gotten letters every time the post comes so I have plenty that I still need to respond to.

With my iPod I have access to every General Conference talk, every Ensign and all the manuals the Church has since the 1970's so I have plenty of stuff to look through on my own. If you send me the title of something you want me to read I can find it on my own.

This last week was a fairly average week. I did buy some new pants because I've lost 30 pounds and my pants didn't fit too well. And since we can now be more colorful in our clothing I got some baby blue and brown chinos.

We had some good lessons but nothing too special. Richard’s extended family is opening up to us more and more which is good. His father in law is an apostle in the old Apostolic Church but they made us “fat cook” (which is basically scones) last time we were there and they're always friendly to us.

Wednesday we had Zone Training with President Wood. It went well and I always feel uplifted and inspired after a training from him even though all we talked about is companionship study and teaching by the spirit.

That night we also taught the new family that showed up at Church last Sunday. We taught them the Restoration and it answered a lot of questions that Sean had but they didn't make it to Church yesterday so we'll have to drop by and see what's up. They didn't schedule another appointment, they told us to just drop by sometime.

Friday was Daryll and Lianet’s wedding which was pretty fun. We went to the Home Affairs office at 8 in the morning. There were 13 of us crammed into a small room while they signed papers. They're going to have a real wedding in November but they wanted to get married now so they wouldn't be breaking the commandments. I'll send some pictures of it later. I don't have my iPod cord and there's no wifi at the email place so I'll try and stop by Steers later to send some pictures.

Nothing else too special happened this week. Next week is transfers so I'll find out my news next Monday night.

I love and miss you,

Elder Kupka