Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 32

I forgot that MLK day was even a holiday; it sounds like you and Ryan will have fun at Soldier Hollow. I forgot about snow too because it's still just been so hot, hot, hot here.

This week hasn't been too interesting. We played soccer last Monday for the first time this transfer which is kind of strange because that's what we've done pretty much every P-day since I got here. Tuesday was Brother Richard's birthday so Elder Slabbert made him a tart. His family loved it. I don't know if I mentioned this last week but his wife's parents are really starting to like us. Wednesday we were on exchanges and it rained so hard that it flooded all of the streets and since we were on bikes we couldn't leave the boarding which was not fun at all. Saturday we had a braai with the new family Sean and Lindsay. They are so awesome and I'm excited for them. They'll be awesome members.

This week is transfers and I just heard from another missionary that I'm probably going to Walmer. It's a township in Port Elizabeth and it's a biking area. I'm not too excited to be a biking Elder. I will be living with Elder Mahoney for a couple of weeks but he told me today that the ZL's are getting a new boarding soon. I will have a washer and a dryer for the first time on my mission. I've had a dryer and a washer but never both.

I've been preparing myself to leave. I said all my goodbyes yesterday and then prayed that I wouldn't stay. I'm going with a missionary named Elder Carlson. I've never met him. I'm kind of in shock right now. This also means that I'll drive to East London tomorrow then take a 10 hour bus ride to Port Elizabeth. This isn't for sure but it all makes sense.

I have lots of pictures to send and we're going to the Thomas' later for a braai so I'll send them there. They have very fast wifi. I don't think I have anything else to say. Other than I've loved my time in Queenstown and saying goodbye to people yesterday was very hard but luckily I didn't cry this time.

Love you all,

Elder Kupka