Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 33

Hello family,

I did get a new watch and I did get both of the tie tacks you sent. Thank you very much. I'm jealous that Ryan gets to play Church ball. I miss playing basketball.

I do like having my iPod, it's very handy. In Queenstown I would only take my scriptures and iPod but now that I'm in Walmer I don't take my wallet or my iPod into the area. Oh by the way, I am officially in Walmer now with Elder Carlson. They called us last Monday while we were at Family Home Evening with Limmpo. Walmer is near Port Elizabeth and it is very nice. There is a very rich white area where we do no work and then there is a township where we do all of our work. It's my first township and I'm pretty excited.

I'm probably going to have lots of cool stories to tell. So far we've just had a lot of drunk people come up and talk to us. People are super religious when they're drunk but then they don't remember a thing the next day. We had a few people stop us and say that they'll come to church the next day but no one came. Little kids always run up to us to touch our skin and call us “muhlungo”(which means white person) and just play around with us. It's pretty fun. I wish I could take a camera but I might get mugged if I have anything that is nice so I'd rather not.

We have some good investigators here. There are two with a baptism date so that should be nice. But there's a lot less work going on here than in Queenstown and I'm definitely going to miss it. I spent all of Tuesday saying more goodbyes and then drove to East London and spent the night there. Wednesday my bus left at 2:00 pm and got to Port Elizabeth around 7:00 pm. 

As soon as I stepped off the bus some guy asked me if I was from that Satanic church. I said no and he said, “You guys are the Mormons and you believe in polythestic and that Jesus was an angel and you shouldn't have his name on your badge and you should just join with the Jehovah Witnesses.”  Other people we're trying to get him to listen to us and he kept telling them to shut up. So that was a fun welcome. We just told him to have a nice day because we didn't feel like getting into an argument.

After that I saw Elders Sombke, Wright, and Cathemer. That was a nice reunion from Cape Town. I’m also living with Elder Mahoney my old companion from Queenstown.  We are all in the back of a member’s home. It's nice but pretty cramped and the Zone Leaders are moving out soon which will be good and bad. I enjoy four man boardings and I like all of the Zone Leaders so it will be sad when they go.

Other than that the Ward has been nice so far. It's smaller here than in Queenstown and there are a lot more white people and I’m not used to talking to white people. I keep almost speaking Xhosa to them. We got fed twice yesterday; we had a nice lunch and then we had a Mexican dinner and it was the best Mexican food that I've eaten in South Africa.

Things are going really well and I'm enjoying everything. I have learned so much more about the gospel since being on my mission. Things made sense back home and I believed it but now I've really become fully converted. 

I'm happy that I've seen the three big cities in our mission in the past seven months while other missionaries haven't done that during their whole mission.

Love you all,

Elder Kupka

P.S. I will try to send pictures later.