Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 34

Hola mi familia y mis hermanos!

Spanish isn’t something you hear in South Africa too often... or ever. The Xhosa is coming along. When I get to know the members better I'm going to ask them to translate my testimony into Xhosa so that I can start working on learning it.

As for this week, last Monday we played rugby which was way fun but I managed to get a gnarly cut on my arm. The grass was super dry and it cut it up pretty good. Everywhere we go people have been asking me about it; even just random people in the township. It's healing well though.

That night we went to pick up Elder Erickson from the bus stop because he's following me here now. We had three Elders who had visa problems come in late from the Kenya mission so he got sent out here. Then a few days later we got two more Elders from the Botswana mission. They both ended up in our Zone so we now have the biggest Zone with 19 missionaries (1 tripanionship).

Our Zone extends to George and Knysna which is a 4 or 5 hour drive though so that's why. The Zone will probably split next transfer. This mission is getting very big. There are two other Elders with visa problems who came in this week straight out of the MTC. I don’t know where they were supposed to go but they are here now.

After we got Elder Erickson we went to the Blatters, who are a senior couple, for ice cream and we watched the General Conference talk The Mediator by Boyd K. Packer. Sister Blatter saw my arm so she gave me some stuff to put on it. I looked at it when I got home and she had given me cough syrup by mistake. I didn't realize this until after I had put some on my arm and I felt like a fool.

This week has been hard. I've been sick since last Saturday. I don't know what caused it but it's finally done. It stopped us from going out on Friday though. I felt so bad physically and mentally but I really couldn't do it and we only had one appointment so it wasn't the worst day to stay home.

It's been a rough week for us. No investigators came to Church and we weren't able to see a lot of people during the week. We try to visit the less active members but they all work until night and we can't stay in the township after dark because it's too dangerous.

We did have a really good lesson about enduring to the end with our recent convert Rex, and his wife, who is investigating the Church. It was super powerful and super spiritual. I was on exchanges on Saturday but Elder Carlson went to see them again only to find out that they've split up and Rex moved out. Neither one of them are answering their phones now.

So you can see why it's been rough. I'm enjoying it though and it's teaching me how to work. I'm loving Port Elizabeth. It's a great place especially for P-days. Today we went to Danell Cheetah Park. They took us around and showed us all of the animals. We got to pet the lions through the cage. Then after that they took us back to one of the cheetah’s cages and let us go inside and pet it. It was just like a big cat. It was licking me and loving it when I scratched it under the chin. Its tongue was super rough and they said that if it wanted to it could take my skin off in 14 licks. It was a pretty sweet P-day.

I’m excited for this next week and excited to work while feeling healthy. We got the bikes back this last Wednesday. I'm starting to get used to them and biking in town is fine but biking in the township on dirt roads over trash isn't my favorite thing. It's going to be a great week. I love and miss you guys.

Elder Kupka