Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 46

This week has been another great one. Staying with Elder Freitas was a very pleasant surprise. We've been keeping busy and doing what we do best. Teach the gospel.

After emailing the Mileys invited us and the Davisons over for Family Home Evening. Unfortunately we got caught in traffic driving back from Cape Town so we were an hour late and missed the lesson part but we showed up just in time for dinner. We had rice with a beef stew and brownies for dessert. It was a pretty nice evening.

Not much happened today. We had a lot of dropped appointments but we did get to see the Masselas and Elder Wilde said we should re-teach them tithing because Victoria was a bit confused on it in the interview. So we made up a game where we gave each of the girls 10 pieces of paper and then on another piece of paper we wrote our names, the Bishop’s name and her sister’s name. We said that they bought stuff from us and from Viva and they needed to pay tithing. They were able to put the "money" in the right places and with the right amount. They seemed to understand it more this way and I was glad.

Our other great lesson was with the Nyrenda family. We met the father at Ghanizani's and we taught the whole family today. They seemed really interested and we had a great lesson. The only problem for them would be transport. We're going to start pushing to get a Capricorn taxi because the church is providing a taxi for people in Grassy Park already. The work would really explode then.

Today was transfer day and even though no one in our district was getting transferred we still went to the mission home to say goodbye to the people going home. It's always sad to see people leave especially since they come from all over the world. It was nice and we got free lunch. Afterward we went grocery shopping since our funds finally came in and we were running low on food.

Our first lesson today was with Frank and his wife. They had read from the pamphlet we left and they really liked what we were teaching them. I don't know why but when we teach them everything just goes super well. You have to be there to truly understand.

Next was Alexsandro; he's another super awesome guy. He's been reading from the Book of Mormon but his style is to think of a problem and then open to a random page to find an answer. He said that he’s done it more than three times and it's worked perfectly for him each time and that there is no way that's a coincidence. We haven't even taught him where the book came from yet but he already knows it's true. We started reading the introduction with him today and he committed to finish reading it.

Our last lesson was with the Mbombos. It wasn't a scheduled visit because they are very difficult to see between school and work and everything going on in their lives. We were lucky to catch them and had a great lesson about the priesthood with them. Their son, Shaggy, turns 12 soon so it was an especially good lesson for him.

We got our car serviced today. Luckily the other guys were able to drive us back to our flat and take us back so it didn't interrupt our studies and weekly planning. We saw Benjamin, who is Sister Davisons neighbor, and she even came fellowshipping with us for the first time after her baptism. She did a great job and talked the guy into coming to church. He would not have committed without her. The lesson went well even though his wife decided she's not interested. He's prepared for our message and we gave him a baptism date for the end of June. We saw Brother Nyarai too and talked about the Ten Commandments. That's about all that happened for us today. It was a bit of a slow day.

Good Friday is a very big holiday here; just as big as Easter. One of the traditions is that everyone eats pickled fish. I hate fish - even just the smell. The Hendrickses invited all of us for lunch after district meeting. Luckily Sister Hendrickse provided chicken as well as fish so I didn't have to go hungry. It was really good and we sat and talked for a long while.

Afterward we tried to see Alexsandro but he wasn't home. So then we tried to see Will; wasn't home. Sister Noxolo; not home. Finally we decided to see a guy named Joseph who we hadn't seen in weeks. He wasn't there but his wife and two of their friends were so we were talking with them when Joseph walks in the door just coming back from work. We were able to have a lesson on the atonement with all of them. We thought it was fitting since it was Easter. We were able to set a return appointment with Joseph and his wife.

One of their friends named Gift said he felt really good about what we had shared and wanted to see us again. So we said of course and have a return appointment with him as well. We then saw James. He's still doing awesome. We taught the first half of the plan of salvation and he said it really makes sense and brings clarity to everything. He also told us that one of his friends we are teaching had a question about Joseph smith and that James was able to answer his question for him. This guy is powerful and doing our job for us. Our other appointments dropped and everyone was getting extra drunk so we decided to call it a day.

We had a few more dropped appointments today. It’s because Saturdays are always hard but Easter Saturday we weren't expecting much. We were able to see Alexsandro though and he was a bit down because his boss hadn't paid him in four weeks and he's been running low on money and feeling pretty depressed. We don't have money to give but we can share the gospel. We shared the first half of the plan of salvation and by the end of it he was saying that he can't explain what he's feeling but that he's just feeling happy and understanding the purpose of life so much more. I was glad we were able to help and it was a great lesson.

We noticed that one of our tyres was a bit flat so we went to fill it up only to find a bolt in it. So we changed the tyre in the parking lot. It went pretty well except for the fact that we were tightening the bolts for a while before I figured out that we were going the wrong way; last time I trust Elder Freitas.

After we got that all sorted we had a lesson with Sister Davison about missionary work. She's so excited about the gospel and so excited to know the truth and she wants to share it with everyone and we told her that's exactly what she needs to do. At least someone in this ward is excited about missionary work! That's not true there's quite a few but it never hurts to have more. We finished the day with correlation. Nothing too exciting happened there but there's a lot of potential coming up and this ward could have another eight baptisms next month. All we can do is hope, pray and teach.

It was a pretty good Easter Sunday. The program was done by the youth so they had six youth speakers speaking on the Savior, the Atonement and the Resurrection. It was very nice and I enjoyed it. I taught the Gospel Principles lesson this week. The topic was priesthood quorums and auxiliaries; not the most exciting lesson but I got through it.

After church we went to see Gift and when we knocked on his door he wasn't there but his brother named Emmanuel was. We'd actually met Emmanuel before but he didn't know his address so we were never able to see him but now we're teaching him and his brother. Gift got there shortly after us and their other roommate Simon joined us. They all were very interested and so we have even more new people to start teaching. I've seen so many miracles like this. The Lord has a plan for everyone and I'm grateful that I get to be part of it. It was a great Sunday to end another great week.

Elder Kupka

P.S. I sent a bunch of pictures today. I got the package finally and I loved it! The Lego thing was pretty cool! Mom, you said you wanted details about the baptism but there's not much to a baptism to talk about. We sang, she went under the water, she came out of the water, we sang some more, she bore her testimony and we left.

Changing the tyre

Baptism day!