Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 52


Today was a pretty normal P-day. We emailed, had Spur for lunch, then went to Pinelands and chilled at the sports field with all of the other missionaries. We had Family Home Evening with the Scheepers and went to say goodbye to the Hendricks for Elder Freitas. They are two really awesome families and it was a good night.

When we got back to the flat the APs called for transfer news. I am staying and getting Elder Wright as a companion. I'm super stoked; he was in my first district and his family is living in our Stake at home right now. He went to Timpview his senior year but we never met until here; such a small world.

Elder Freitas is going to Port Elizabeth to a township called Motherwell. It is the highest baptizing area. The church has been there for a little over a year and they have had 110 recent converts and are going to become a ward soon. We both got pretty great transfer news.

We had Elder Black staying with us because he's in town to pick up his companion. He was in Queenstown when I first got there and Meadowridge was his first area so he got to say hi to people as Elder Freitas said good bye.

We spent the morning in Fish Hoek giving service. The township there caught fire and lots of people’s homes burned down so we went to help out. The community had donated a bunch of clothes to give to the people that lost everything and it was our job to sort the clothes into sizes; so we were quite busy. We spent about 4 hours going through clothes and I was pretty exhausted by the end. They fed us King Pie though and it was nice to be able to help.

After that we went to Brother Mike’s and got even more food. We spent the rest of the day saying goodbye to people. That night we had a ward council meeting where we went through the ward list to clean it up and they gave us a few families to check on. It was actually very productive and I realized that I know a lot more about the ward here than I thought I did and it helped me to feel confident in leading the area in the coming transfer.

Today was transfer day. We took Elder Black in early for him to get his greenie and Elder Freitas had an early flight as well so I was left without a companion. They sent me with the AAPs (Assistants to the Assistants to the President) to the airport to drop people off so I got to see Elder Freitas all the way there. It was pretty sad seeing him go. We had a great three months together but with Elder Wright as my new companion I'm pretty happy.

The rest of the day was spent at the mission home waiting for Elder Wright to come in. Then we went back to the flat and he unpacked and then we had a lesson with the Pietersons. They had bought gatsby's for us (edit: hoagie sandwiches) and then asked Elder Wright to share a spiritual thought. Our other two appointments that night dropped.

We had weekly planning in the morning as always and had five scheduled appointments. All of them dropped except for one with the Gideons. We went over the baptism interview questions with them and found out that Sister Gideon's husband gave her permission to be baptized. So next Sunday we will have two baptisms. Other than that nothing happened today. Everyone we tried following up on wasn't home and we had no success with anything else. The Gideons made it all worth it though!

Today we had to postpone district meeting because a less active member wanted us to help her move and only gave us an hour’s notice. So we went and helped; it wasn't too bad and it did only take about an hour. Then we went back to the flat, had district meeting, and went to Brother Mike’s for lunch.  Our funds came in so we went and got greengrocers and by the time all of that was done it was time for games night at the chapel. It was fun. We played soccer which I'm getting better at. Still not amazing but getting there.

We had the Gideon's baptism interview this morning. We are in a new Zone now because President realigned them with the new Stake boundaries. So our Zone Leaders are Elder Ndlovu and Elder Pebe and since Elder Wright is the District Leader they had to do the interviews. They both were super impressed at how much the Gideons know. They are so ready for baptism and I'm so happy for them.

After the interview we went out for lunch to get some pizza wraps. Then we went with Brother Chifarimba to visit a member who is in an old person's home in our area but he's from Mitchell's Plain. He's 74 and he's not doing too well. He can't really remember anything but he was excited to see us. It was nice to talk to him and he seemed happy.

After that we went to see the Nabbes. It's always great seeing them because Brother Nabbe is so excited about the gospel. He was less active for a while but he's coming back in full force. He has lots of really great insights. We go and share spiritual thoughts with him and his wife. His wife is great too but she's kind of shy so we're trying to help her through that at church.

After the visit with the Nabbes we had correlation meeting. None of us had a lot to report since it's been transfer week and all of our appointments have dropped but we still went and reported.  Afterward, Brother Knighton's son, who is two years old, is teething and he has had a fever and he fell with a toothbrush in his mouth and he was having a terrible time. So I was able to help Brother Knighton give him a Priesthood blessing. He was still crying after the blessing but it was a lot less loud and painful sounding. He's doing better now so I'm very glad for him.

At Church today they thought it would be a good idea to put the missionaries in charge of the Primary for sharing time. So it was the six of us and all of the Primary kids and we had no clue what we were doing. They had showed me how things work so I was able to get things going for the most part. We sang some songs and Elder Gillespie shared a story about his grandfather and the word of wisdom and then we had closing exercises and it all went really well; compared to the disaster I thought it was going to be.

After Church we had lunch with the Thornes and talked with them for a while, and we shared a spiritual thought about prayer. The Tonkins had invited us over for pancakes so we went and talked and had a good time with them. 

It wasn't the busiest week I've ever had but it was a good one. The taxi war in Capricorn has calmed down so we should be going back there this week and we should be a lot busier soon.

Love you all,

Elder Kupka