Monday, June 9, 2014

Gideon Family Baptism

Baptism of Gideon family ~

Me, Juan's girlfriend, Sister Gideon, Sister Arin, Juan, Elder Wright, and the little guy in front is Mathoni.

Good Morning America!

Today we emailed, went to KFC for lunch and then played rugby for 3 hours. That is all.

We tried to find a gym to go work out at in the mornings since our complex has no gym. The only one we could find cost 450 Rand a month which is way too much. So we're going to have to stick with P90X for now. We did get two free work outs from it though.

Things have cooled off in Capricorn so we went to see Sister Davison only to find out she's started working. Which is good for her but it will make it more difficult for us to see her. So we spent the rest of the day following up on people and trying to fill up our days again. We did get to see the Masselas and teach them about enduring to the end. Every time we go there I am so impressed by how smart they are. They just finished reading 1 Nephi 15 and understood it very well. They were able to connect this lesson to past lessons and they are just so smart and so fun to teach.

We found a new family to teach. Yesterday we had been in Capricorn and we said hello to a lady and we ended up making an appointment to go see her family. Well today we saw them and we had a very good Restoration lesson with them. When we explained about the great apostasy they really understood and asked which is the true church now if it was lost with the death of Jesus Christ - which lead right into Joseph Smith and the Restoration. They are an awesome family with two kids and they have great potential.

We then stopped by Alexsandro and Chimounenji's place and got to catch up with them and we're going back to see them tomorrow. We had an appointment with the Pieterson's tonight as well but unfortunately I think I had some bad chicken for lunch and I just was not feeling well so we rescheduled with them.

Today was weekly planning like every Thursday. One more and then I only have 52 more to go. Woo hoo! We had lunch after weekly planning and then went to see Alexsandro. He's doing great. He's unfortunately jobless again but he's still working hard and putting his trust in the Lord. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he said it made so much sense. We also gave him a new baptism date of the 27th of July and I believe it's going to all work out this time.

We then went to check on a guy named Titus. He was home and doing well and we read from the Book of Mormon with him and he believes that it really is the word of God so hopefully he will keep progressing. We had an appointment with the Gideons tonight but they had to reschedule so we went to see the Chifarimbas. Brother Chifarimba was making butternut soup and they invited us to join them. It was very good and exactly what we needed at the end of a long cold day.

Speaking of cold days, it's been raining pretty much non-stop for the past week and a couple days. It gets so cold in our boarding in the morning that we can see our breath. It's still nowhere near as cold as Utah and I know I'm going to be a wuss when I come back.

Today we had District meeting on planning and personal study. It was basic stuff but Elder Du Plessis seemed to enjoy it since he's a greenie. Elder Wright brought our portable DVD player to watch some PMG videos. Our DVD player is terrible though. If it's not plugged in it dies within three minutes and I've never seen it work very well. Well Elder Wright didn't know this and he didn't bring the cord so we watched the video on it and it was like a 9 minute video. We watched the whole video and then they said a closing prayer on the video. About a millisecond after they said amen the DVD player died. It's not a big deal or anything but it amazed me.

We had a lesson that night with the Gideons; just a final one before their baptism on Sunday. We read Mosiah 18 with them and they're doing awesome. After them we saw the Mbombos. We went to see them at 7:00 but only the kids were home so we talked with them for a bit and an hour later the parents came home. We had planned on sharing a lesson with them but they never get home until late so it's hard to teach them. We ended up just sharing a spiritual thought. They are an awesome family!

Today we met a lady who just moved into Capricorn from Fish Hoek. Her name is Sister Beuliah. She was baptised 10 years ago, but apparently for the last year she's been less active. She's come to church 3 or 4 times at Meadowridge and we're going to start seeing her every Saturday and read the Book of Mormon with her. She's very nice and has a car and helps bring Chwayitile to church.

We then went to see the Nabbes. Shireen was there today and she talked about how she wants to come back to Church and get her Patriarchal Blessing but she just hasn't come yet. She had the flu this last Sunday so I don't really blame her this time. After that we had Correlation meeting at the chapel with the Ward missionaries and Brother Knighton and then we finished our day.

Today was the Gideon's baptism and it was awesome. I got to speak and I talked about baptism and the Holy Ghost. I read from 3 Nephi 27:11, parts of 2 Nephi 31, and 2 Nephi 32:3-6. It was awesome and I kinda teared up at the end. After church we had an awesome lesson with Alexsandro about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he's doing awesome. He was going to come to church with Brother Davison but Brother Davison was sick so he didn't come. Next week he'll be there, I know it.

Our appointment after Alexsandro dropped so we just went around making new appointments. We met up with Brother Vanderwesthuizen and he told us that he doesn't want to meet us anymore because, "In my bible, it doesn't say there's going to be another prophet and that we just need to wait for Jesus Christ to come again"; even though we showed him a lot of verses in the Bible that talk about prophets in our day. He also didn’t know where the book of Matthew is in his Bible. When we found him he was drinking and smoking; so we told him to have a good life and that we'll have to move on.

We also went and saw the Davisons. Brother Davison is out of work again and Sister Davison is working at a Chinese store and her boss only gives her one day off a month! Hopefully Brother Davison will get a job soon so that she can quit. We're going to see them on Wednesday.

After that we went to see the Tonkins. We had dinner with them and played mau. Michael and Ines are awesome. I don't know why but they've had us over the last three Sunday nights and we're going again this next Sunday but then they leave for Spain for the next five weeks so it might be the last time I see them.

All in all it was a good week and next week is going to be even better. Our week is already almost completely booked. I'm enjoying the work, enjoying life, and looking forward to turning a year old on the mission on FRIDAY!

Love you all!
Elder Kupka