Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 53

Hello all,

This week has been another good one. I don't have a lot of time to email today and I didn't write my email beforehand.

We're planning on going up to Cape Point and then taking the Chapman’s Peak drive to Hout Bay because we have dinner at the Bishop’s house tonight in Hout Bay. I should have lots of sweet pictures next week.

Not much going on this week. Our area is in a bit of a rebuilding stage. The people that we had from last transfer are either busy, don't want to see us, or don't answer the phone and are never home. So we're working on finding new people to teach. We even went tracting which isn't something I've done a lot of on my mission. We found a few Muslim people, some people who didn't want to let us in and one return appointment that didn't hold.

We're still teaching Alexsandro though and he's doing great. He hasn't made it to church yet but he'll get there. We've been working with our recent converts and the less active members a lot and they are all doing great. We have a ton of recent converts which is always nice and three of the less active families we've been working with were at church yesterday which was a super nice bonus.

Brother Knighton and his family are going to the States to visit family for a month so we are without a ward mission leader for the next little while and the Tonkins are going to Spain and Portugal for 5 weeks so we're also without our Elder’s Quorum President for a little while. They are both some of my favorite families and we had dinner with both of them this week. It's sad to see them go and I might not be here when they get back, since it's week 4 of the transfer. Transfers just keep getting faster and faster.

There is not a whole lot else going on. Next week is Zone Conference and interviews with President Wood and then the next week he leaves and President Merril comes in. I can't believe it's actually happening. That's all for this week.


Elder Kupka