Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 55


This week has been another good one and another one where I haven't been able to write my email beforehand.

Some highlights from this week though are that Mark and Sarah and their family are progressing well. We read from the Book of Mormon with them this week and taught part of the Plan of Salvation. Sarah was working on Sunday but Mark was able to come to church with the kids. We were able to arrange with a member from the ward to pick them up and take them back. They got a very warm welcome and I think they enjoyed it a lot. We're seeing them again this week.

We were also able to catch up with Justin again. He's the Gideon's cousin. We had a great restoration lesson with him and I can really tell that he believes what we're telling him. He's going to come to church this coming Sunday and he's accepted a baptism date. The only problem with him though is that his parents might be against it. He's 18 but still living with them and he doesn't want to cause contention. We told him to pray about it, talk to Juan, and talk with his parents and see what happens. We're very excited for him.

Brother Nyarai came home this week from his trip to Malawi. We're going to see him this week and hopefully his boss will let him come to church on Sundays. We also had dinner with the Kipelas on Sunday. It was an amazing meal of pap, chicken, beans, spinach and rice. It was so delicious. I love that family; they are all so sweet.

We've also been teaching Albert. We finished the restoration and he told us that there is just something different about our message that makes it feel right. I told him that there are two things that set our message apart; the fact that it's true and the spirit confirming that during our lessons. He really likes what we've been teaching him and he's coming to church this Sunday so we should have lots of people there.

Other than that we're still working hard to try and keep the area improving. Each week has been getting better and better and if I stay another transfer I'm sure it will just keep improving.

One sad thing that happened is that Alexsandro is still struggling to find a job and it's making things super hectic for him. We stopped by to see him on Sunday and he said that he'll let us know when he's free again because his life is just too stressful now. Please keep him in your prayer; he really needs comfort right now.

As for me I'm doing well; still happy and healthy. I'm really getting into the groove of everything. My scripture studies have just been really awesome lately. I've been reading 2 Nephi this week and chapter 9 took me a couple of days to get through because there is just so much to it. I've really gained a love for the scriptures on my mission; one that I wish I would've had sooner in life. They really do answer so many questions and bring so much knowledge. The Book of Mormon is so true and so is the church.


Elder Kupka