Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 56

So the reign of President Merrill has officially begun and I've been able to meet with him. He doesn't know his way around Cape Town because he's only been here since Monday. He came with the Assistants to the Meadowridge Ward on Sunday and he is such an amazing man. I'm looking forward to the next year with him.

One thing that he has done already though is tell us that we can't have iPods anymore. Some Elders (not me) were using them for the wrong things so he's getting rid of all of them. Luckily an Elder that is going home this week is willing to trade with me. He's giving me his nice camera and $100 for it; it's probably the best I'll get because if I send it home it will get stolen and if I leave it in the mission safe it will get outdated. So that's that.

This week we were able to see Mark and Sarah and their family on Tuesday after most of the family came to church on Sunday. They all loved church and want to come back. We gave Mark a gospel principles book and he has been reading it and Sarah has been reading the Book of Mormon and knows that it's true. Their work schedules are a bit hectic but we can work around that and they should continue to do great. We taught them the Plan of Salvation this week and it made a lot of sense to them and they really liked it.

We also saw Albert again. We left him with the first chapter of the Book of Mormon to read and when we came back he said that he had read it. I hope he was lying because he said that the first chapter obviously corresponds with the book of Genesis in the Bible and that it talks about the creation of the world and such. I really hope he didn't actually read. We read the first chapter with him and at first he was having a hard time understanding it but by the end of the chapter he was understanding it perfectly and making great connections. It was a really nice lesson.

We also started teaching Thokozani and Sister Beulah this week. They came to church on Sunday and then we went to see them. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson. Thokozani has a few things he needs to work through but he has a strong desire to change and become a member. He's got some very promising potential and I hope he makes it.

We got to have some fun this week too. On Thursday we went out to an All You Can Eat pizza place called Panorotti's with some other missionaries. One of them, Elder Pulu, broke the SACTM record for slices eaten with 43. It was super impressive. On Friday we went out to Starlight Cafe to celebrate the 4th of July with 1 pound burgers called the Yankee Doodle Burger. It was pretty nice. Last Monday we went golfing. I didn't actually golf but I took some pictures making it look like I did and kept score for the other guys.

This week is transfers and I'm pretty sad. The APs let it slip who Elder Wright's new companion is going to be so I know that I am leaving but I have no idea where to or with whom. So since yesterday was Fast and Testimony meeting I thought it would be appropriate for me to share my testimony. So far I've shared my testimony countless times during lessons on the mission and I've been able to overcome my bad habit of crying all of the time. But when I got up to tell the Ward members that I'm probably leaving and that I love them all and that I am going to miss them I turned on the water works once more. I didn't get to say nearly everything I wanted to say but it was what I needed to say.

So many people came up and thanked me afterwards. I'm really going to miss this ward. I wasn't too excited to come here when I found out I was but now I don't want to leave. I guess that's why I am leaving. I'm excited for wherever I go to next but I will never forget this place. The whole testimony meeting was a very spiritual one. Every single person who got up just keep bringing the spirit in more and more and even the Bishop and a member of the Stake High Council got up and commented on how amazing it was. President and Sister Merrill bore their testimonies as well and I can't think of a better way for me to leave. Hopefully I'm actually leaving now and the AP's weren't just lying. 

We finished our transfer at Sister Thornes’ house and I love that family. We had planned on sharing something short with them but we ended up talking until 9:30 pm and then we realized that we had to go. It's been a great week, a great transfer, and a great four and a half months in Grassy Park. There's nowhere else in the world I would rather have been and I'll find out tonight where I'm off to next.

Elder Kupka

I have no idea how to golf!

4th of July