Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 57

Molo weni,

I thought that would be appropriate because I'm now back in the Eastern Cape! I've been transferred to Uitenhage. It's a small little city only 20 minutes or so outside of Port Elizabeth. My companion is Elder Kivley. He just left Meadowridge last transfer so it's pretty sweet because we know and love each other already. It's going to be a great transfer here.

We work in town but mostly in the township. There is a ward here but it is the smallest ward that I've ever seen; it's a good one though. We have a lot of really awesome members who it seems like I've known them forever and I've only been here a few days. It's because I am now where Elder Wright came from before we were together in Cape Town so I've been hearing all about Uitenhage and the members and investigators for the past six weeks.

It's been a fairly easy transition, probably the easiest one yet. I don't know if it's because I'm getting more experienced on the mission or that I've been prepared to come here. Either way I love it so far. It's also a walking area which I'm pretty pumped about. I've driven every day for the past four and a half months and I was starting to get sick of it. I logged over 7000 K's in my last car.

Transfer weeks are pretty hard to talk about. Monday we cleaned the chapel with the ward for an inspection and then we got transfer news. I spent Tuesday saying good-byes and taking pictures with people. There's never enough time to say all of the goodbyes you want to. I saw a lot of people but I wish I could've seen more before I left.

Wednesday was spent at the mission home, on a plane, then driving to Uitenhage and getting settled in. Thursday we had three dropped appointments but we were able to find a potential investigator and have a lesson with him. It was kind of weird because there were missionaries from another church there at the same time and they had driven three hours or so to see him. Apparently this guy loves to hear the word of God. We have a return appointment with him and hopefully we'll be able to help him realize that not everyone is right.

Friday we had District Meeting but they were doing cleaning checks in Uitenhage so we had to drive out to Kwano Buhle to have it there. We were able to teach a guy named Lloyd. He's a powerful man. He used to drink and smoke but he quit once he started being taught. He's not all the way there yet but he's getting close. We started teaching him the Plan of Salvation and he talked about opposition before we even taught him it and he had a lot of great insights, so it was a pretty good lesson with him. One thing that is kind of lame is that because we are walking we have to be in by sundown. So the days are a little bit shorter and that was it for Friday.

Saturday we taught a lady named Ivonne. She is Lloyd’s cousin and is also preparing for baptism. She just needs to get married first. Hopefully it works out for her. After that we had the opportunity to go to Port Elizabeth and hear Elder Mkabile of the Seventy speak. It was an interesting talk about the family proclamation to the world and he turned it into more of a discussion. Then by the end it turned into a discussion about Labola (Bride Price) and communicating with ancestors, which are part of the Xhosa culture but people were wondering if they need to forsake those traditions as members of the church.

It was a really long discussion and very interesting. I think it will help me to help new members to understand what the church's stand is. It basically came down to if you feel the spirit there it is fine and if you don't then it's not fine. Most everyone said it's not fine. And as for Labola, if it gets in the way of a young couple getting married then it should not stop them. Pretty interesting but not the most exciting of topics. Elder Kivley wasn't feeling too well and it was late so we called it a day. 

Sunday was pretty cool. It was nice to meet the ward but nothing too exciting happened. Elder Kivley still wasn't feeling great so we came home after and he rested while I cooked lunch of mince and carrot curry with pap. He basically slept the whole day and then we did go to one appointment with a member family named the Tshibos. We read from Alma 17 with them and had a good discussion on it.

All in all it was a good week. It seemed like a bit of a longer one but it was good. I'm excited to serve here with Elder Kivley. And we're hitting the gym in the mornings now! There's a place that is 180 rand a month so we wake up every morning at 5:30 to go work out. I'm going to be looking good after this area. That's all for this week.


Elder Kupka