Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 58

I don't even know where to begin. I really need to start writing down a bit from each day again so I know what to write. All in all it's been a great week and we are having a lot of really great success.

On Monday we had Family Home Evening with the Tshikilas who are a super awesome family. Brother Tshikila is the second counselor in the Bishopric; he's only 24 and super buff. He's been coming to the gym with us in the morning and he's HUGE!

We shared a spiritual thought with his family which was short and simple and then it turned into a super deep discussion; pretty cool. Tuesday was a bit more of a rough day. All of our appointments dropped and we were walking around trying to find things to do but nothing great really came out of it.

Wednesday we had some good lessons. Then we had dinner with the Booyens. They are a super nice couple in the ward. We had home-made Chinese food and then talked for a while. They told us about an elephant park that only costs 450 Rand so we went there today.

Thursday our efforts on Tuesday were made up for. We saw Princess and Zandi who are sisters to a member in the ward. They told us they want to be baptized and that they can't see us on Fridays anymore because they decided that they want to go to seminary. We said that's totally fine. They are both under 18 so they can't be baptized for a few months but they've known the missionaries for seven years and now they want to be baptized.

We also met with Asanda. He's a cool guy that Elder Kivley had found. He's friends with a lot of members in the church. He's 20 years old and is a real sweet guy. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and he likes it a lot. We're going to keep working with him and things should go well.

We had kind of an interesting lesson with a guy named Caleb who ordered a Finding Faith in Christ DVD. We went and watched it with him and then after it was over me and Elder Kivley both said about one sentence each and then he went off on a tangent about how his wife is a prophet and another random pastor from the Transkei came and found him and told him that God wants him to start his own church and he believes him. He seems pretty confused. And we didn't even get a chance to say anything before we had to go to another appointment. We may stop in another time but we're not sure yet.

We finished the night at the Tshibo's house and we were going through scriptures with them and helping them to understand them. It was more of the idea that they just wanted to make sure that they were doing the right thing. Brother Tshibo only has a 4th grade education but since he's joined the church his reading, writing, speaking and understanding have all gone up and he's a pretty intelligent guy. The Spirit really does quickeneth everything.

At the end of the lesson they said that they have a friend that they want us to meet who is their neighbor. They called her over and we had a lesson with her and gave her a pamphlet and committed her to come to church. She didn't come to church but we have another appointment with her next week where we'll get to start teaching her.

Friday we spent all day at Zone Training. President Merrill came for our first interviews with him. We had a great training with him and he has a great vision for the mission. He is a super awesome guy and I'm grateful to have him as my mission president. I was really worried about the new president after President Wood and his great job but President Merrill will do just fine.

After the Zone Training we had a lesson with Yvonne about the ten commandments. It’s usually a very basic lesson but it turned into a deep discussion about repentance and the atonement and it was probably the most powerful ten commandments lesson I've ever had.

Church was great on Sunday. We had four investigators attend and the work is going super well here. Today we went and rode elephants in the morning. I've now seen every member of the Big 5 animals here. Uitenhage has far exceeded my expectations. I wasn't too excited to come here but I was wrong. This place is amazing. I've been super blessed with great areas and great companions. I love being a missionary and I love the work.

Elder Kupka