Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 59


I know I say this every week but it has once again been a good week. I'm feeling super blessed. I love the ward here, I love my companion, I love my district and I love my investigators. They say that you have to learn to love the people you serve but they make it super easy to love them. The only thing that I didn't love that happened this week was getting robbed.

It was Wednesday in the middle of the afternoon. We were just coming from a member’s home to see if he could come fellowshipping with us. We have to cross through these fields to get into the township. As we were crossing it these two guys came up to us and asked what time it was so we told them. Then they said something in Afrikaans and we said we don't speak Afrikaans. Then they asked for 10 rand and we said we don't have it because we don't carry our wallets with us. His response was, "I don't want to hurt you." He was a skinny coloured guy that was shorter than both of us so I'm pretty sure he couldn't have hurt either of us, especially since we've been gymming.

Elder Kivley emptied out his pockets to show him that he didn't have his wallet. But he saw the phone and wanted it. I don't know why. It's a 50 rand phone so he can only sell it for something like 20 rand. We gave it to him just because that's what we're supposed to do. It wasn't scary at all and if we had resisted nothing probably would've happened but we just decided to be obedient. It was kind of lame actually. We both walked away laughing.

Our investigators are all doing really well. We gave Princess and Zandie a baptism date this week for November. The only reason it's a bit far away is because they are both under 18 and it's a rule. We also gave a blessing to their non-member grandmother who passed away the next day. Elder Kivley gave the blessing but we both had the feeling that she was closer to seeing her Heavenly Father again than anything else. They're doing alright though they didn't make it to church because of it.

We also met with Asanda. He's super excited about the gospel. He's been reading from the Book of Mormon and he's even talked to his family about him joining the church. The only question that they had was if the church would help with the funeral when he dies (that's a big cultural thing here) and we said of course, so they shouldn't have any objections to him joining. Everyone else is just doing really well. Nothing out of the ordinary happened but things are just heading in the right direction.

One cool thing that happened this week was that after church a women from the Relief Society came up to Elder Kivley and showed him the ward sign up list for lunches after church and it is full for the next three months. Plus we are getting fed three other times during the week this week. I don't know what got into the Relief Society ladies but I'm not complaining.

The church is true and the mission is awesome. There is nowhere else that I'd rather be right now.


Elder Kupka