Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 60


This week has been a pretty good one. Not the busiest week I've ever had but a good one nonetheless.  Dropped appointments are never fun but it's always part of the work. We have some good investigators still though. Satan is just working super hard to stop them. 

Yvonne is doing really well. We had two super good lessons with her this week. I don't know what it is but every time we teach her the spirit is just super strong. Our last lesson was on obedience and was super awesome. She even came to church this last week and is doing great. Her boyfriend isn't too interested in the gospel but he likes us and won't stand in the way of her getting baptized if they would just get married. 

We also met a guy named Siya this week. We talked to him on the street and he invited us over. We had a great lesson with him and we have another appointment with him tomorrow. We're very excited for him. 

Sister Hendrickse is doing very well too. Every time we visit her understanding seems to be getting better and better. She's going to make it for her baptism in November for sure. Everyone else that we have with a baptism date has been a bit difficult to see this week. But they all still have the desire and that's all it takes. I don't get down when we have hard weeks it just means that we've got to try harder than before. 

One thing that a member of the Bishopric said to us this week is that it's good to try and be patient with people but Satan's never going to be patient. He's going to be doing everything he can to bring people down so we have to try even harder than him to get them on the right path. And it's true. It can't just be the missionaries working hard, it can't just be the members working hard, and it can't just be the investigators working hard. All of us need to work together to try our best to overcome adversity. 

We have some great members here who understand that. And unfortunately there are people who don't understand that as well. We just have to keep trying and do our best. The members are getting behind the missionaries a lot more here too. Just this last week we had 5 or 6 dinner appointments. And honestly I could care less what food they give us or what it tastes like, even though we had some amazing food this week, I just like going into different member's homes and getting to know a bit more about them and seeing how we can help them and how they can help us to do the work. 

Nothing else too amazing to write about this week. We did finally get a phone last Friday. Missionary work is a lot harder without it.


Elder Kupka