Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 61


It's been a pretty good week here.The Zone Leaders had training in Cape Town this week so we got to drive to Port Elizabeth to drop them off last Monday and then we had the car until Wednesday which was nice.

That night we had a Family Home Evening with the Franz family. They fed us umngqusho and tripe, samp and beans and sheep intestine. I do not recommend eating sheep intestine. It smells awful and doesn't taste much better. It has a super weird texture too. I thought that it was broccoli when they put it on our plate. I'm never eating it again but it was a good experience.

On Tuesday we had some pretty solid appointments. We saw Sister Hendrickse with Lazola. He really wanted to come with us since we had the car. We talked about our purpose on earth and the Atonement. It's been really cool teaching her. She's kind of old and her understanding wasn't that great when we started but every week you can see that she's remembering more and more and it's making more sense to her. Plus she's receiving blessings for it as well.

Apparently someone was breaking into her house and stealing her things once a week but since we've been teaching her they've stopped. She also found 300 rand on the ground the other day and she's been overcoming the flu very quickly. She says that it's all thanks to the Lord and she's so grateful every time we teach her. It's been awesome.

We also saw Yvonne on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday we taught her about tithes and offerings because she's had questions about it and she was saying she wants to pay her tithing even though she hasn't even been baptized yet. Then on Thursday we had a lesson with her and her boyfriend and brought Xhanti and talked about Temples and eternal marriage.

We're supposed to teach lesson 5 before baptism now so we thought this would be a good thing to teach her and we were right. It was a very powerful lesson and it helped her to understand why this church can be the only true church. As soon as she gets married I know she'll be baptized. We asked her what she was thinking about after the lesson and she said that she wasn't thinking anything but that she felt very grateful that the Lord has sent us to teach her these things. Then on Sunday her whole family came to church. They'll be a great addition to the ward.

We met a new family this week too. They are the Booysens. They don't speak the best English but there was one women there that really seemed to understand and like what we were saying. We're going to go back this week to teach her.

Asanda is also doing really well. He's been reading from the Book of Mormon, he went to a youth activity on Friday and made it to church on Sunday as well. He has a strong desire to be baptized and it's going to happen for sure next month. We taught him about the atonement this week and he's just a great guy to teach.

The other person we were able to teach this week was Princess. Zandi wasn't there when we went. But we read 1 Nephi 1 with her and she was understanding very well and she said that she wants to know more about the book. She also made it to the youth activity on Friday, came to church and this Saturday we have the Mormon Helping hands that she said she's coming to as well. She's super dedicated right now and really wants to be baptized.

There are a lot of amazing people here in Uitenhage. These last 5 weeks have flown by. I still don't believe it's week 6. I'm hoping to stay and I'm pretty sure I am. We think that Elder Kivley will probably stay as well and we'll both be super pumped if he does. There is nowhere else I'd rather be right now and I'm so grateful that I was able to come on this mission. This is by far the best decision I've ever made in my life.

In church yesterday we spoke a lot about the spirit. It was the topic in Gospel Principles and Elder's Quorum and it made me realize how grateful I am to have the gift of the spirit and how I've been able to recognize how it works more and more in my life.

Before church on Sunday I was reading in 3 Nephi 11. It's the chapter where Christ appears to the Nephites. But before he actually comes down the people hear this voice and the first two times they can't even understand what's being said to them but by the third time they hear that it's saying "Behold my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, in whom I have glorified my name—hear ye him."

It takes practice listening to the spirit and so you need to be worthy to receive those promptings and when you receive them you need to be able to understand what they want you to do. It all takes practice and that's why we're here on this earth. We are "practicing heaven" as Brad Wilcox puts it.

The mission has definitely helped me to practice heaven and I hope to continue to put that practice into use throughout the rest of this life and into the next.

Elder Kupka

P.S. Trent included in his personal email to me that his mission received five missionaries from the Sierra Leone mission and that they said that all of the American missionaries were sent back to U.S. missions.