Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 62


It has been a good week for missionary work. We've been keeping busy and fortunately had our busiest week yet this past week. We also found out that the whole district is staying together for another transfer. We are all super stoked about that. I don't have much time to email today so this is going to be a bit of a shorter one.

Things are going great here. Our investigators are all doing super well but nothing really new to report. On Thursday the other set of Elders decided to rent a donkey cart. They rode it around to all of their appointments and took it through the McDonalds drive thru. It was pretty funny and they were the talk of the town. People come up to us all of the time now and ask about the donkey cart so it was pretty good publicity for the missionaries.

We had no idea that they were going to do it. They showed up at our flat on Thursday morning to tell us that we were getting a two seater convertible. I was a bit suspicious of it all and then when we went outside we saw Elder Carnielleto pull up in the cart. It was a good laugh.

Friday I went with Elder Truscott on exchanges in their area. It was nice to be in the car for a change. Most of our appointments dropped though so the curse of exchanges continues. We did get to see a guy who had contacted them and wanted to be taught but lives in our area. I got to meet him and now we're taking over teaching him and his family. He goes to the new apostolic church but he doesn't believe what they teach because they teach that Jesus is inside all of us instead of in heaven. So things should go well with them.

On Saturday we had Mormon Helping Hands in the morning. We repainted an old train museum in town and it looks much better now. After that we had Chinese food at a pretty good and pretty cheap little place.

Sunday was good. We had a good church service and had many investigators come to church. After church we had some good appointments and lunch with the Mendu family. Brother Mendu is the second counselor in the Bishopric. They have a great family; their son is like 4 or 5 years old and he is hilarious. We were playing a game with him where he would make a noise and we would have to guess what it is. It turned into a game where whoever named the coolest thing won.

On Sunday night we found out that Elder Radebe who is now Brother Radebe was in Kwano for a wedding so we went and met up with him. He's a great guy and was my second district leader. Sadly it wasn't his wedding. Things are going good here. I'm staying too busy here to worry about anything else and I'm grateful for that. I love the gospel.

Elder Kupka signing off -