Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 63

Hello again,

Things are going well here. It's been a pretty normal week; the calmest transfer week I've ever had. No one in the district moved and we didn't have to drive anywhere or help out with anything so it's been just like another work week which was really nice.

On Monday we were supposed to go to the Tshikila’s house for one last Family Home Evening before they move to Joburg. We made a cake and bought ice cream and got there and the house was dark. They live behind Xhanti's Mom so we went to their house and they told us that they were in Port Elizabeth and didn't know when they would be back. We tried calling and no answer. We were super disappointed so we went out for dinner and then went back to our flat and ate the cake and ice cream. Turns out they got there 15 minutes after we left and were sad that we didn't come. We saw them on Sunday and we're trying to go again tonight because they leave on Friday for Joburg.

Tuesday was a normal day of appointments. Nothing too crazy and we had PEC at night but afterward we went out for milkshakes with Elder Van Zyl for his last night on the mission. It was nice and there were some Elders from George there for transfers the next day. Our new Zone Leader is Elder Tennant; he's a sweet guy and was serving in Fish Hoek back when I was being trained.

Other than that our investigators are still doing well. We've taught Asanda most of the commandments now and he was having a problem with one of them but ever since we taught him about it he's been living it. He says he's not happy about it but knows that it's what he needs to be doing. He has a lot of faith and he's a super awesome guy. He'll be baptized next month for sure. Everyone else is still progressing very well.

We haven't been able to see Lloyd in a while but we did get to see him this week and had a great lesson finishing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him. He has a strong desire but has a few problems that he's still working through. It's been a pretty calm week so I don't have much to talk about. Hope all is going well back home.


Elder Kupka

Cake for Xhanti's birthday/farewell 

Last night with Elder Van Zyl