Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 65

Last Monday we went to a Family Home Evening with the Franz family but they had forgotten about us. So it didn't work out too well but we still got to have a nice evening with them. Tonight we're going to the Tshibos and hopefully they don't forget about us. They promised to cook us umngqusho which is one of my favorite dishes here. (Edit: it is a stew made with hominy, butter, onions, potatoes, chilis and lemons)

Our investigators are all doing really well. We met with Siphosetu and she's doing really well. It's helped that she's been coming to church for a long time already. We should baptize her in the next few months. She has a great support system and even got up and bore her testimony on Sunday. She's such a sweet girl.

Yvonne is also doing well. She didn't make it to church again but we had some good lessons with her. We've started teaching the lessons to focus on her son who is nine years old. He comes to church even when she doesn't and has been reading the Book of Mormon so we're working with him now to help him as well.

Asanda is doing super well. We had some great lessons with him this week. He also got up and bore his testimony on Sunday; he is so ready and his baptism will be next Sunday. He is such a cool guy. I love teaching him.

We saw Lloyd this week as well. We made a plan with him to help him overcome his Word of Wisdom problem. Princess and Zandy are doing great. Zandy was sick this weekend but Princess is doing super well and she's been bringing friends to our lessons so we have a new person to teach and the other Elders have two new investigators that have come from it. So they're all doing great. They are super awesome and they're making things fly by here.

Church was pretty good on Sunday too. I love fast and testimony meeting. This one started out a bit slow but by the end it was super powerful. Even all of us missionaries got up and bore our testimonies. I don't know why because I've never seen all of the missionaries get up on the same Sunday before. We usually let other people have the opportunity since we bear testimony every day. But the spirit was just super strong.

Some sad news is that Lazola and Sihle Franz are moving to Tsitsikamma. Lazola got a super good teaching opportunity there. It stinks that they're leaving especially after the Tshikila's just left to Joburg. They were great fellowshippers and great people. We're super sad about it but it is what's best for them so I wish them all the best. That's about it from me this week. I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Kupka

Meeting Elder and Sister Cook

The Franz Family