Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 69

This week was transfer week so it was pretty slow until Thursday. Last Monday I bought a new watch and that's about the only exciting thing we did.

Tuesday was spent helping Elder Carnieletto pack and say his goodbyes to people. On Wednesday we had to drop him off at 6 a.m. at the bus stop and then my companion didn't get here until 12:45 so Elder Truscott and I were just waiting around in Port Elizabeth. We got breakfast at Spur because we tried going to a buffet at a fancy hotel but it cost 185 rand a person so we said heck no and went to Spur for 30 rand.

We met Elder Tennant to go pick up another missionary from a different bus stop. Apparently my six weeks of biking in Walmer made me the expert on Port Elizabeth because no one else in the Zone has served in P.E. I knew my area in Walmer well but outside of that not so much. So we went to the bus stop I thought was the only one but it turned out there was another one that we didn't know about. We finally got there but the missionary wasn't there so we drove to another bus stop and finally found him.

Some guy in a taxi had told him that he knew the Blatters (senior couple) and offered to take him there so the Elder agreed. Turned out the guy just knew the name of the Blatters and wanted money from him. Thankfully we found him though.

We then went and picked up my son and came back to Uitenhage and had a great Restoration lesson with Asanda. My son is super awesome. His name is Elder Decebal-Cuza; he's from Chile but has a Romanian surname. He's 23 years old and a convert so he's super prepared and powerful. I really don't even feel like I'm training him because he seems like a seasoned vet so I'm super blessed.

We had a pretty good week this week as well. We met with the Xangati family; they were investigators from the other Elder’s area who moved into ours. They were all at different points in the lessons and one had never been taught before so we started over from the beginning with them and they are doing great. They have three girls and one boy from the ages of 14-25 and three of them came to church on Sunday.

We were able to see a lady this week who we found when we were trying to find the Xangati family. Her name is Nwabisa and we had a great lesson with her. All of our other investigators are doing super well. Conference was great. I only got to see two sessions but they were both super awesome. Unfortunately that is all I have time for this week. 

See you next week,
Elder Kupka

The Tripanionship Extraordinaire

Elder Carnieletto

Elder Decebal-Cuza

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