Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 70


This has been an excellent week. Elder Decebal-Cuza and I are doing great together - working hard, being obedient and seeing great blessings because of it.

Last Monday we had dinner with the Tshibos; they are a great family. We had chicken brioni but then we had to leave because the Blatters were having their annual get together for the zone after that.

The Blatters talked to us about our boardings and we watched Elder Holland’s conference talk which I had missed. We then had cake and ice cream and it was very nice. Afterwards I went to the Blatter’s car to get some supplies and there was a football in the boot. It was a “Wow” moment for me because I haven't seen a football in a while. He gave it to me, along with a pump, and I'm going to try and get the zone to play football sometime soon because it's been so long.

On Tuesday we saw Princess and Zandy and talked to them about “Enduring to the End” in preparation for their baptisms in two weeks. They are super ready and I'm so excited for them. We also had a great lesson with the Xangati family about the Book of Mormon and its importance. They had all read their part of it before the appointment and understood everything very well.

Then in the evening we had a meeting with the Bishop to introduce a new training that the Zone Leaders had given us via President Merrill about reactivating less active members. Part of it was a few scriptures showing the Lord’s way how to go about it. I'm excited to work with the Bishop and the ward council and hopefully we will be able to bring back some of those people who have strayed. If we are successful then they will be opening a group in Rosedale and splitting the ward and that would be pretty exciting. The Lord is going to help us so I know that it's going to happen.

On Wednesday we had a powerful day mostly thanks to Asanda! We taught a lesson to him and after that we went to see one of his friends. The friend had noticed the changes that Asanda has been making in his life and now he wants to make those same changes. His name is Mfundo and he's 19 and a pro boxer. He's a super cool guy and he loves what we're sharing with him. He came to church on Sunday, he went to a YSA activity on Friday and I know he's going to be a great addition to the ward here.  I love Asanda and he's come a long way and now he's helping his friends come along as well. It also reminded me that referrals are the best way to do missionary work.

That evening we had dinner with the Franz family for the last time. Lazola and Sihle have left for Tsitsikamma. We went and said goodbye after church. It was super sad and Elder Truscott and I both teared up. The other two felt kind of awkward because they've only known  them for a week and a half. We helped them pack all of their things up and we ate umngqusho and had a great last night with them. I'll see them again before I leave Uitenhage but it was still super sad.

Thursday we had zone training with President Merrill. I am so grateful for my mission president. He's a great leader and a great friend to me. He gave us a really good training as well. I loved my interview with him too because we talked about a lot of things. The coolest part is that he told me that when he was thinking about who should train Elder Decebal-Cuza that my name immediately popped into his head and from that second on it never changed.

Also, now that I'm District Leader he was expressing how I've already been showing great leadership skills and how well liked I am around the mission; not to toot my own horn or anything. It was just a very uplifting and inspiring interview and I'm grateful for it.

After the training we went to visit a guy who had called us who said he believes in Christ but isn't Christian. He turned out to be a Muslim missionary and was trying to convince us to become Muslim and some other crazy things. So we left and went to see a woman named Wendy. Wendy's husband has been busy and has never been able to sit with the missionaries once during the last six months. He's now available and sat with us and is open to our message. We're going to start teaching the whole family together and I'm really excited for it.

On Sunday we had told the Xangati family that we would walk to church with them. I just felt like it was something that we needed to do; I didn't know why but we did it. There's a big field in front of the chapel that you have to walk through and while we were walking through it there were these guys just sitting there. They said something to us in Afrikaans and I asked the people we were walking with if they asked for us to pray for them. Come to find out that the men were sitting there in order to rob people on their way to church.

They almost robbed one of the other Elder’s investigators and they chased Thammy all of the way to the building. They are horrible people trying to rob people on their way to church but I know that if we hadn't walked with our investigators they would've been robbed. I was super grateful that we were there with them.

That about sums up our week. We've also been doing a lot of tracting and we're being blessed for our efforts; the mission is great.

Elder Kupka

The Franz and Mendu families with the missionaries

Lazolo and Sihle 

The Franz family