Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 72

It has been a great week this week. Unfortunately, I'm low on time so I will have to make it a bit short. We went to Jeffrey's Bay today which was super cool. (

We had a very good Tuesday with lots of appointments and great lessons but on Wednesday nothing ended up working out. Our plans, our back-ups, our finding/tracting - nothing was working. I was getting super frustrated and homesick and not very happy in general. We had one more appointment and about an hour to wait until then, so we went and tried following up on some people but had no luck.

We made it back to the appointment right when I was about ready to quit and go back to the boarding and it turned out to be a very great appointment. We were teaching the Franz' neighbor and we started the Restoration lesson and it answered a lot of her questions. The lesson went so well that it rejuvenated me and the rest of the week just kept getting better and better.

We had a solid Thursday and then on Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Welsh. He's a super cool guy from the UK. Our lessons went well and when the lessons didn't hold, the back-ups did. Saturday was very powerful because we had a lot of good lessons. We read 3 Nephi 27 with Princess and Zandy and they understood the concepts well. They were actually serious and they answered the questions we asked which they don't always do. They are more than ready for their baptism on the 9th of November.

We had a lesson with Yvonne and her son and niece on the Ten Commandments. It went well and was a nice review for Yvonne. After that we went to see Wendy. Her husband wasn't there so we read the Book of Mormon with her but then after she asked if we could do something for her son. He's 8 years old and he's losing his eyesight and he's too young for surgery so he has to go for treatments once a week for the next five years. So I gave him a blessing comforting him and telling him that everything would be alright.

Sunday was great. We had the conference in Port Elizabeth with Bishop Stevenson. It was for the whole Stake so it was like a mini Stake Conference. There were some great talks but something just as cool is that I got to see a ton of members from the Walmer Ward, and they all remembered me! It's been nine months since I left Walmer and I was only there for six weeks so I wasn't sure if people would. But I didn't need to worry and it was really awesome to see them.

After the conference we got back to Uitenhage and had lunch with the Xangati family who are super awesome investigators. I sent some pictures of them. Then we went to an appointment with a guy named Mark. He's a former investigator and he stopped us on the street and asked us to come and teach him again. We had a very nice Restoration lesson with him.

We went to see Nwabisa who had read from the Book of Mormon and knows that it is true. She is afraid to leave her church because it is her family church and she's afraid they won't like it. So we read 1 Nephi 3:7 and bore testimony about how the Lord will provide a way for her to keep the commandments. She committed to talk to them and invite them to be taught by us and talk to them about her coming to our church. She was a bit nervous at first but by the end she knew it was going to work out.

We are being so blessed for our hard work and obedience. The area has improved so much from my first week here. I was looking through my planner last night. We have doubled and even tripled some of the stats and I know it's not because I'm just some super awesome Elder but it’s because we are being diligent in our efforts, being obedient, and just enjoying it all. Things are going really well and it's helping the time go by. This transfer is almost over and I can't even believe it.

I love you all,
Elder Kupka