Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 73


Happy Halloween, even though they don't celebrate it here, and it was the quietest Halloween ever.

This last Monday we went to the Mendu's house for dinner. Our appointment before that dropped but we were able to catch Benjamin home and made a time to come back for him so that was good.

Tuesday was a pretty solid day. We were able to see Mfundo in the morning and had a great lesson on prayer and scripture study. He's super cool. Then we came back had lunch and went to visit a guy named Byron who had stopped us on the street last week and wanted to come see him. We had a great Restoration lesson with him. He knows the Bible very well and is very smart. We got through the first half and then we finished the rest on Thursday and it was great. He had a lot of questions that we answered and then invited him to be baptized and he agreed. He's very promising.

We also saw Sister Hendrickse and read Mosiah 18 with her since she is preparing for her baptism. She loved it and I also love that chapter because it talks about what we promise at baptism and how the church should be established.

Wednesday was not so nice. I don't know why but Wednesdays are never good days for missionary work here. We did get to see Benjamin in the morning and taught him about the Book of Mormon and committed him to read it. Then we saw Princess and Zandy and did the Alma 50 analogy. Then we had a big gap where we went finding and followed up on people but not much happened.

We finished the week with the Tshibos and read Alma 32 and talked a lot about faith. Friday was nice; we had District Meeting in the morning. I gave the lesson on Developing the Faith to Find. It went really well and we brainstormed fun finding ideas to use as a District. We came up with having a “hymn-a-long” with the ward and having them invite people to it. We would also have chapel tours to show the people around and how things work. We're also going to try and start a scripture study class every Wednesday night and some other fun ideas. We're going to ward council next week after the baptisms so we're going to present it then.

I went on exchanges with Elder Truscott and we had a great day. We get along so well and we had some great lessons together. The first one was with a guy who was referred to them by Brother Freddy who is a cop. His name is Dillon and he has fallen into some bad habits for the last five years but really wants to change now. So we went and had a great first lesson with him. We only taught the first three principles and then we just answered his questions and discussed things with him. I felt prompted to invite him to be baptized and he said yes, he really wants that. So that was pretty cool.

The rest of the weekend went alright. We had a few dropped appointments and way too many drunk people roaming the streets. I'm getting very sick of drunk people. Every single one of them comes up and tells us that they have a problem and they want our help to fix it but if you ever find them sober they won't even talk to you. It's quite frustrating and they roam the streets like zombies on the weekends. It's just another part of the mission, I guess. That's all from me for this week.

Elder Kupka

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