Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 74


What an interesting but good week. To start off we got transfer news for the next week and it was quite a shocker. First off Elder Truscott is leaving and headed out to Sada in Queenstown and his replacement is no one! Elder Decebal-Cuza, Elder Welsh and I will be in a tripanionship for the coming transfer and we will be covering all of Uitenhage. I'll be super happy to have a car again. The rest will be kind of weird.

The last tripanionship was nice because it was only a week. This one will be four weeks though because no one travels the week before or after Christmas. So four weeks from today I will be getting transfer news again and we'll see if I'll be heading out after six months in Uitenhage. Stay tuned.

Last Monday we got to play American football. It was super awesome because it's been way too long since I have played. Then we had a Family Home Evening at the Xangati's house and ate chicken feet. I don't like chicken feet; it's too much effort for not a lot of meat.

Tuesday we had a pretty solid day. It was Sister Hendrickse's birthday and she had cake for us. It's hard to buy people gifts when you're walking so we didn't get a chance to get her anything. Other than that we met with Princess and Zandi and prepared them for their baptism some more. We also met with Siphosetu who is very excited for her baptism at the end of the month especially after seeing the ones yesterday.

Wednesday was a decent day for a Wednesday. We saw Stalvester and we are still trying to work with him to get him back to church so we read from the Book of Mormon with him. We then visited with a lady named Christina because she stopped us on the street and wanted us to visit her. She's from Grahamstown and is going back there but we're going to teach her until then and then send her address to the Elders there.

We finished the day with Mama Franz. We are trying to help her understand English more by reading from the Book of Mormon with her and it is going very well.

Thursday we helped the other missionaries move. They consolidated eight missionaries in three different boardings into one place and it’s nice. It's a house that's kind of divided with a bachelor pad at the side. It's not a hundred percent finished yet and they haven't had electricity for two days so I'm glad I didn't get moved. I'm perfectly happy with my flat.

After that we were able to teach Mfundo. He's such a stud and I love teaching him. Unfortunately he's going to the bush in December and on the 7th of December he's going to be the main bout in a boxing match so we are thinking of moving his baptism date back which means I probably won't be here for it. 

We also did the baptism interviews that day. Elder Thomas came to do one of them. He's working in East London now and it was great to see the Thomas' again. I got to do the other one since I'm the District Leader and it was super cool. I liked doing it. It was for a girl named Phelicia. She's 13 and she knew everything. She was baptized with her sister Claudia as well as Princess and Zandi on Sunday.

Friday was nice because we had a great District Meeting, I think, and hopefully the others did as well. I did it on teaching is more than just talking from Preach my Gospel. Then afterwards we were getting fed lunch by Sister Cook at 2:00 so we went and had a powerful lesson with Benjamin beforehand. We taught the Plan of Salvation and it really clicked in his mind about Adam and Eve; it was super nice.

We then had lunch and gave Sister Cook’s grandson a blessing. We taught Yvonne and the Xangatis. With the Xangatis we taught about tithes and fast offerings and with Yvonne we talked about recognizing the spirit. Hopefully it will help her to understand the promptings and get answers to her questions.

Saturday we had a few cool experiences. We went to follow up on a guy that we had previously tracted into and the people at that home said that he was at a house two doors down. So we went there and he wasn't there but some other people were. One lady was named Gloria and she is very interested and we had a great restoration lesson with her and got a return appointment.

The other appointment was with a guy named Leslie. We had met his wife earlier in the week when she called us into her house and asked us what we do. She's part of an organization called Kolping. They work to help people get back to church and back on their feet by giving bursaries and other things like that.

She had told us that she was going to Cape Town but that she wanted us to meet her husband. So on Saturday we were going to meet him and while we’re walking up the road a guy stopped us and as we were talking to him he said his name was Leslie. I asked him if Olivia was his wife and he said yes but he was super surprised. His wife had apparently forgotten to tell him about us and yet we still managed to run into him.

We were able to go and sit with him in his front yard in the shade because it was a super hot day. We talked about what we do and what we believe in and it was very powerful. He asked lots of questions that we were able to answer and we are going to go back to meet with the whole family next week. They have some great potential and everything happens for a reason.

Sunday was very powerful because of the baptisms. We had four in the ward with two of them being from our area. I was running around the whole time getting everything set up, printing the programs, and getting all of the clothes ready. It was hectic beforehand but then I baptized Princess and Elder Decebal-Cuza baptized Zandi. I got nervous and forgot the word “of” so I had to do it again. I don't think Princess was too happy having to go into the water a second time --- ha ha.

Then when Elder Decebal-Cuza baptized Zandi he dunked her super fast. It was pretty funny but it all worked out. We ended the transfer with four baptisms in Uitenhage and we'll hopefully end the next one with even more baptisms.

Things are going well and I'm enjoying my time here. I've been in Uitenhage a long time so we'll see if some new change comes in four weeks.

Love you all,
Elder Kupka