Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 77

Hello again,

This week was good. Last Monday we played sports and had a really good time. We went to the Frans’ house that evening but Sister Frans had been too busy to cook dinner for us like she had planned so she gave us a small snack and invited us back during the week.

Tuesday was a pretty great day. We had some good lessons but we ended it with a big family home evening lesson that we set up. We had the Xangatis, Princess and Zandy, and Claudia, Phelicia, and Christina. So we showed them what a family home evening is like.

We started with an activity where someone goes up to the front and everyone has to say what they like about that person. It was super cool but then after everyone was finished I put a picture of Jesus Christ up and we said what we love about Him. I had created a giant scripture chain about Jesus Christ and we read that. It was super powerful and you could feel the spirit so strongly when everyone was saying what they like about the Savior.

Wednesday-Friday were all very busy days. We taught a lot of lessons but nothing too spectacular happened. This weekend there was a carnival here in Uitenhage so it made things kind of difficult. We were able to see Sister Hendricks and make sure everything is still set for her baptism on Sunday and then we also saw the Mooi family.

Sister Mooi is less active but her son is very active so we went and got to know her and had a really nice lesson about commitment to the Lord. She's a really sweet lady and we're going to keep working with her and hopefully help her out.

After that things were hard. No one was home because everyone was at the carnival; I have never seen the area so empty. So we tried going to the carnival to do some contacting there and it wasn't too successful. It was too loud and there were way too many people so we didn't have a lot of success.

We finished the evening with dinner at the Frans' house as well as making sure everything was ready for Siphosetu to be baptized. Stats wise it was a hard day but we were able to see both of our “baptizees” and do the final preparations. Plus we were able to have a delicious dinner from Mama Frans. She has seriously been like a second mother to me here. We laugh so much, we have super spiritual lessons, her sons are amazing members and now Siphosethu will be another great member. I love the Frans family.

Sunday was a great day, of course, thanks to the baptisms. It's always hectic when you have to be in charge of gospel principles plus get everything ready for the baptism but it all worked out. The baptism was great and I got to baptize Sister Hendricks. She was a bit nervous in the water but it went off without a hitch. She is such a sweet woman. She bore her testimony and said how grateful she is for the ward, for the missionaries and for the Lord to allow her to be baptized "before she dies". It was a lovely service.

Afterwards we had a bit of a rough day but it ended with a great lesson with the Tshibo family. We read the parable of the ten virgins with them and then we had a lesson with the Xangatis about temples. It was a great ending to a great week. Some exciting news is that I asked President if I was staying or leaving Uitenhage and he told me that I am leaving. So I'll find out next week where I am going to go and let ya'll know.

Elder Kupka


Sister Hendricks