Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 80


This week has been good but kind of weird at the same time. I'm liking Panorama quite a bit and we are keeping pretty busy which is nice.

On Wednesday we went to do service for an older woman in the ward. We put up a new laundry drying line for her. After we were done she asked us if we could take some Liahonas (Church magazine) to a lady she visit teaches - so we did. The lady is a bit older and when we got there she was waiting at the gate and when we gave her the Liahonas she told us how her arm is swollen and she doesn't know why. So we asked if we could give her a blessing. She agreed but she wouldn't let us in the gate so we did it though the gate and it was really weird because her house is on a busy street.

On Sunday we were able to perform a graveside prayer for a member whose mother had passed away a few months ago. Her mother and sister are buried in the same grave but her sister had passed away a while ago. So Elder Dryer offered the prayer for her mother and I offered it for the sister. I don't think I've ever seen a graveside prayer before so this was quite the new experience for me.

I had read about it in the white hand book before and I was always so curious about it and then I got do it firsthand. It was a humbling experience. I was really nervous leading up to it but as soon as I opened the prayer I had this really calm feeling come over me and I said some good things, I think. Elder Dryer felt the same way too.

We talked about how we had just performed an ordinance for someone who is literally in the spirit world right then and they were probably watching us too. I can't put all of my emotions into words but it was a really, really spiritual experience.

We have a few investigators and they are all doing well. Apparently most of our investigators are gone for the holidays, which is ok because this week we have Zone Conference on Tuesday and then on Christmas Eve we are only supposed to go to places where we are invited. I was asked to dress up as Father Christmas and go to a member’s home, who has 12 foster kids, to give them presents. I'm really excited for that.

There's a family here whose father was falsely accused of a crime and put into prison. So we are going to go visit his family and try to cheer them up; I hope it works.

We are busy but not too busy with investigators and such. December is a very strange time for missionary work but it's almost over and then we can get back to work. Sunday was a much less busy one than last week and the Relief Society sisters gave us a huge Christmas present. I am so grateful for that and it was so nice of them. I think that I am really going to enjoy spending my last few months here. Sorry it's another short email but things are hectic because of Christmas.

Elder Kupka

A cool picture Elder Dryer took

Christmas present from the Relief Society