Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 81


This week hasn't been the most eventful of weeks since we weren't allowed to do much on Christmas Eve or Christmas.

On Tuesday we had Zone Conference and it was really good. We talked about faith, covenants, and goal making. It was really cool and it made me want to work really hard for these last five and half months; I just want to keep working really hard.

After Zone Conference we went and picked up the Santa suit that we used the next day and we had two appointments drop. On Christmas Eve we went to the Brummer’s house in the morning with the Borehams. I showed up a bit later in the Santa suit and when I walked in the first thing out of all the kids’ mouths were "it's Elder!" They were too smart and realized that I wasn't actually Father Christmas. Then the rest of the day after I had changed they kept telling me all of the reasons why I wasn't Santa.

In the afternoon Bishop Powrie had asked us to attend a funeral for a member who had passed away that no one had even known was living in the ward boundaries. There weren't very many people there but we went and tried to help out as much as we could which wasn't much.

After that we went to the other Elders' boarding and spent the rest of the day with the Zone Leaders and the Durbanville Elders. On Christmas we woke up and didn't really know what to do with ourselves. We weren't going to the Leroux's house until 2:00 so we had to spend the morning in the boarding and it was so boring. I'm glad that we're usually busy and always have stuff to do.

Once we got to the Leroux's place though we had a great time. They had made a ton of food. We started with a nice lamb curry which they gave me two plates of and then they brought out all of the meat and potato salad. There was lamb, chicken, roast, gammon, and cow tongue. The cow tongue was surprisingly good; I sent a picture of me licking it.

We talked with the Leroux family for a while and then we went to the Herbert's place to Skype. It was great to see you guys and all of the snow! Sister Herbert said that you guys look like a really happy family and Mom, she thought that you were my sister. I do realize that I talk differently now. Lots of people when I first meet them think that I'm South African. It's going to be weird when I get home.

On Friday we had lots of appointments drop, unfortunately, but we were able to have two really good lessons. One was with Brother Charles who is a recent convert. We're reviewing the lessons with him and he's a really smart guy and knows his stuff. He said that he really likes the way that I teach which made me feel pretty good.

We also had an appointment with Gammu and her friends and family; there are six of them now. We had a really good lesson on the Book of Mormon and they all committed to read and pray about it. Some of them are going back to Zimbabwe and some are going to visit and then come back here so when things become less hectic I think that they will be ready to accept the gospel.

Saturday was really nice. We met with a guy named Emmanuel and his wife Jolene. They are from Zimbabwe and were a referral from Durbanville. Emmanuel has a friend who is serving a mission in the States right now and he has visited the church five times before. We had a really good lesson with him and his wife and they were asking really good questions and thanking us because they said that they are both God-fearing people but that they need some revitalization. They are super powerful and I'm very excited to continue teaching them.

We also had a lesson with Lorenzo and Meroldene. Lorenzo is paralyzed because he was accidentally shot when someone was trying to shoot someone else and Meroldene is his sister. They are both very enthused with the gospel. Lorenzo is getting a new wheel chair next month and then he can come to church. Meroldene came yesterday and I think she really liked it. She even added some really good insights during the gospel principles class.

All in all it was a really good week. I'm loving Panorama and I’m working hard until the end.

Elder Kupka

Elder Santa and his sleigh

Christmas lunch with Elder Dryer

Trent's tongue touching a cow tongue - blech!?