Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 82

This week has been a pretty solid week. Last Monday we had lessons with two men named Peter and Emil. Peter is a less active guy who has the desire to come back to church. He has two daughters that also want to be baptized really badly and he wants us to try and work with his wife. She hasn't been very interested in the past. It was really cool though and we got to know them really well and when we went back to teach his daughters they were taking notes while we were teaching them and it was great. Their names are Princess and Enow and they are 11 and 7 turning 8 this month.

Emil is a referral that we've been trying to contact and as we were teaching Peter we found out that Emil is renting a room in the same house so we got to meet him too. Everything is just working out really well. On Tuesday we taught a ton of recent converts. We had five recent convert lessons. It was crazy. Nothing too special though.

Then we ended the evening with a lesson with Gammu and her family. They weren't all there so we didn't want to get ahead so we read 2 Nephi 2 with them in preparation for teaching the plan of salvation the next time. It went really well and they were really understanding it and they are coming to know that the Book of Mormon is true.

Then when we went back on Friday we taught the Plan of Salvation. It went so well and we were able to answer every single one of their concerns using the Book of Mormon and introduce every principle like the kingdoms of glory using the Bible. So we introduced the principles using what they already believe in and then we answered all of their questions from what they are gaining a testimony of and by the end Gammu said she knows that the Book of Mormon is true. It was a really nice lesson.

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day were kind of lame. We spent the day with the Zone leaders and the Durbanville Elders since we aren't allowed to proselyte. It was nice but kind of boring. It's kind of weird not being busy every hour of every day. It's going to be weird when I'm home.

New Year’s Day was a bit better because the Le Roux family invited us over for a braai which was super good. They made us so much food. Then a few hours later we went to the Sibotoboto's house and had more dinner with them and they had also braai'd. We ate a ton of meat that day.

The other cool lesson that happened this week is that we saw Emmanuel again. I forgot to mention last week that he had asked me a question about baptism and it was valid. I told him no and explained the priesthood and how it's been restored. He said that he loved my answer and that he felt like something inside him was telling him that what I was saying is right.

So yesterday we had another lesson with him and his wife. We took Elton with us who is a recent convert and also from Zimbabwe. It was a great lesson. Elton bore very powerful testimony about how he came to know that the church is true. We talked about how we were going to introduce the Book of Mormon to Emmanuel and Elton lead the conversation perfectly into the Book of Mormon and testified of it. Emmanuel stood up and said, “this is what I've been looking for and this is what I want.” He is so prepared.

We have had so much success and I hope to continue to have it for these last five months. I felt a bit strange when I got to Panorama. I can't really explain but something just felt off but now everything feels right again. I'm loving it, the work is going well, and Elder Dryer and I are doing great.

Elder Kupka

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