Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 83


It's been an interesting week for us and things started off well because last Monday we got Domino's Pizza and it tasted just like the American Domino's. There are only two in Cape Town but I'm sure it will grow just like Burger King did.

Tuesday we had a really blessed day. Some highlights are that we were able to see Princess and Enow and have a really good lesson with them about the Book of Mormon. They are doing so well.

We've also started what President Merrill calls the "Faith Extension Program". It's where we set a goal each week of something that we want to do and ask the Lord to help us and then each week it progresses.

So the first week we started by doing an hour and a half of finding every day. Well, we soon realized that we were being too blessed because our days were filled and we had no room to keep adding more people. So as with all goals we readjusted and now we're going to try and just had out one pamphlet every day.

But now since we're starting week two we're going to hand out one pamphlet and a Book of Mormon every day. Then next week it will be one pamphlet, a Book of Mormon, and a baptism commitment every day. By week four we want to get the ward involved as well so we're going to have two different fellow shippers come with us every day.

It's going to be a lot of work but that is the reason why it's called the faith extension; if we have the faith that it will happen and we go out and do our part then the Lord promises that he will help us and make it possible.

So on Tuesday while we were finding we had a ton of return appointments and some more people to follow up with which is when we decided to change things up. We saw the Le Roux family and had a great lesson about temples and they are preparing to go to the temple this year.

We also had a great lesson with Gammu and her family. We shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them and they really understood. They had some questions about baptism and we answered all of them. Gammu even said that she wants to be baptized. We were going to drive with them to church to show them the way because they have a bakkie but they told us Sunday morning that they didn't have enough petrol to make it and the funds were lacking.

Wednesday was another great day. The big highlight was that we saw a lady named Michelle. She moved in to our area from Mitchells Plain. We met her and her two sons and got to know them and shared a spiritual thought with them and then went back on Sunday and met her husband and her husband’s brother and had a great lesson about the plan of salvation. We keep getting blessed with lots of families to teach and I'm so grateful for that.

So, this week was going super well and we were teaching a lot but then on Friday we went to district meeting and on the way back our car was acting a bit funny. It was shaking a bit and being weird. Then when we started to apply the brake at stoplights the check oil light came on which is super weird because it only happened when the brakes were on. We were trying to think of what to do but then the car just died at a stop light.

Elder Dryer got out and pushed (it's great to be senior companion) and we found a place to park. Then as we were trying to call someone to help us the phones weren't working. We did manage to talk to a lady and get her information to go and start visiting her so that was pretty cool. And then when we were done talking to her the car started again and we drove it to the shop to get it looked at.

The car apparently had no coolant in it at all. I have no idea how that happened because the car got serviced right before I got here and we haven’t noticed anything dripping out. It stunk though because we had to drop the rest of our appointments on Friday and Saturday. We eventually got the Assistants car because they are in the Eastern Cape.

On Sunday Church was good and then afterwards we had some great lessons. We saw Brother Tsombo again and he's doing great. He came to church and got his records transferred and we went over and had a really great discussion about the gospel. We took Elton and we all just felt uplifted and inspired. We were talking about the spirit world and the millennium and different things. You just had to be there.

We also saw Emmanuel and Jolene and had another super powerful lesson with them. We talked about the Book of Mormon and Emmanuel mentioned some different concerns and things he was looking to gain from the Book of Mormon. I pulled out three scriptures; Moroni 7:13 & 16, 1 Nephi 6:4-6, and 2 Nephi 25:26. It answered all of his concerns and made him super happy about the Book of Mormon.

All in all it was a good week. It could have been a lot better but there is opposition in all things. This week is going to be a great one; I can feel it. I woke up feeling super happy and motivated to have a great week. We're going to hike Lion’s Head today so I'll have some sweet pictures next week.

Elder Kupka