Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 84

Hello again!

So last week was pretty awesome. On Monday we hiked to Lion’s Head like I said we would. Then we went to Eastern Foods Bizarre and got some dang good food, and then we went to Green Market Square and I bought a crocodile wallet. It's pretty legit and it was a pretty good P-day.

Our car was finished being worked on so we had to go to the mission office to drop off the AP's car and then go with Elder Peterson (one of the office senior couple missionaries) to fetch our car from the dealership. It was nice to have the car back but we couldn't really do anything else by that point in the day.

Tuesday we started off by teaching Brother Charles. He has such a great testimony of the gospel. We reviewed the law of chastity with him and had a pretty good discussion about it. Our next appointment dropped but then we went to check on a man named Eric. He was one of the appointments that we had to drop when our car broke down. We luckily found him home and began sharing the Restoration lesson with him. It went really well. He asks really good questions and you can tell that he has a great background already but is willing to see what we have to say. I have high hopes for him.

We saw him two more times this week and had a really good lesson about the Book of Mormon and started teaching the Plan of Salvation lesson but that one was less nice because there were a ton of distractions and loud noises going on. He stays in a house with a lot of other people each renting out a room so it was hard. We're going to go back and review what we talked about and then finish teaching it this week.

We also saw Princess and Enow; they are doing so well. They've been coming to church every week and bringing Peter with them. The ward is starting to get to know Peter too. We scheduled the girls’ baptism for the 15th of February and I'm very excited for them.

We also saw the Le Roux's. They are a really strong family. They haven't missed church in five or six months now and they are all doing really well. We talked with them about Patriarchal Blessings and they are all going to go for theirs now. I can't really say anything else about them other than how awesome they are.

We saw Michelle and her whole family again and it went really well. They are understanding well and making progress. Their uncle who was there last time has been reading the Book of Mormon and he hasn't been able to put it down he says. We're going to teach the Restoration next time we go because the uncle missed it and it will be good for us to be able to teach it to them since different missionaries are the ones who started teaching them when they lived in Mitchell's Plain.

We also saw the lady that we talked to when our car broke down. Her name is Elizabeth and she stays with her husband Allen. They are a really nice older couple and we taught the Restoration to them and it went really well. They told us that what we were saying is true so we told them to pray about it and make sure.

Friday was good; we had two appointments with Eric and Princess and Enow and then we had a big gap so we decided to go tract in a white area. Usually all that produces is a bunch of doors being slammed in your face, being told that you're a Jehovah's Witness or some other rude thing. But, we actually had a bit of success. We had all the stuff that I mentioned happen to us but we also found a lady whose husband wasn't home so she wouldn't let us in (perfect for us since we can't anyway) but she had just left her church and is looking for a new one so we gave her a pamphlet and she said that she'd call us. We're going to follow up on her this week.

We also found a very nice young coloured couple. They have a one year old son and are super friendly. They also live super close to the chapel and have a car so transport will not be a problem. We're going to see them this Saturday.

Last Saturday I was on exchanges with Elder Wilhelmsen. He hasn't been feeling good the whole week. In the morning I made him some scrambled eggs and then as we were walking out the door to go do service with the Zone Leaders he threw up all over the floor and in the toilet. Needless to say we didn't go out and he spent the day resting. It was pretty boring for me but it was alright. He's doing much better now and I'm glad he was able to rest.

On Sunday we met with Tsombo again and I love teaching him. He is coming back to church in full force and he is going to teach the gospel principles class next week. When we go and have discussions with him we basically just answer his questions. It's awesome because I have a scriptural knowledge to answer all of his questions. It's kind of like a test for me to see if I know my stuff and I surprise myself how I always do. He also makes me think of things on a deeper level and I gain a greater understanding as I teach him as well.

There's a quote I love that basically says that you will know when you're teaching by the spirit because the things you say will also help you to learn new things; which I've definitely seen.

We also saw Eric, like I mentioned earlier, and then we went to the Kruger’s house for dinner. President Kruger is the Stake President and we had a nice evening talking with his family; they are really awesome. They have had hundreds of missionaries in their home. The place is covered in pictures and name tags. It was a pretty great week and this one is going to be just as awesome. We also have interviews with President which I'm really looking forward to on Friday.

Elder Kupka