Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 88


We started off this week at the Sibotaboto's house (I'm not really sure how to spell it)and Mandi and Forgi were there as well. They had asked me to share a spiritual thought and I did it on Alma 50 - one of my favs. The kids like to ask questions though so it took a bit longer and turned into a lesson. Their kids are so funny and say some strange things, but they are really smart and I'm really impressed by how much they know about the gospel.

During the week nothing too special happened. We had a really good lesson with Michelle and her son Keenan. She really opened up to us about some stuff and we have a really good relationship with her. Hopefully we'll be able to get the whole family coming soon.

We had to take the car in to get it fixed again this week. This is like the 4th time since I've been here! This time a sensor was broken and was telling the engine to shift at wrong times and making the engine rev when it is in park. So we got that taken care of.

We did some tracting this week but had no success from it. No new investigators but we just gotta keep trying. Saturday was a bit interesting. So, in Paarl there used to be four missionaries. Well, all four got taken out and replaced by two new Elders who have never served in Paarl before. So we went out there as a Zone to try and help them find some investigators.

Paarl is about 40 k's outside of Cape Town so it was quite the trip. We spent about 3.5 hours tracting. The first door Elder Fonua and I knocked on we got invited in by a girl. She goes to church but doesn't feel like she wants to but that she just goes to make her parents happy. She wants to have a relationship with Heavenly Father but just doesn't have one.

Well, we explained our purpose and shared the restoration with her. She liked it a lot and was smiling the whole time. She also happens to live right across the street from the chapel out there so she should be a great investigator for them.

The next three hours was spent getting rejected. Finally, we were walking back to the chapel, handing out copies of the Book of Mormon along the way, when I told Elder Fonua that it was his turn. He stopped a guy that was walking towards us and introduced the Book of Mormon to him. He took it and said he wants to become a missionary just like us. Unfortunately, we couldn't get his phone number because he had just been robbed earlier that day. So we got his address for the Elders in Paarl to follow up with. We had a lot more success tracting out there than we've had in our own area but hey, it's all one work.

Sunday was a pretty fantastic day. I was told that I was going to be giving another talk this week. So I prepared one and went and sat up on the stand. Bishop came up to me and said that there had been some confusion and that someone else had been asked to speak. I said that's totally fine. He then told me I can stay on the stand and give the closing prayer. Then when the closing prayer happened he called someone else to do it. So I didn't do anything and I sat on the stand for no reason.

In the gospel principles’ class the lesson was on the life of Christ. So I started with the activity that we did a few months ago at the FHE with the Xangatis, where we talk about what we love about each other and then talk about how much we love the Savior. It was pretty powerful. There was some great love going on in that room which lead into a very spiritually powerful lesson.

After church we had the baptism of Princess and Enow! Unfortunately, I left my camera there so you're going to have to wait for the pictures next week. It was so awesome. Their mother even came to church! Hopefully it will inspire her to want to get baptized as well and keep coming to church.

After church we had a really nice lesson with Mandi, Forgi, Noni (a girl who just moved into our ward) and Thammy and Keegan Le Roux. We read the parable of the ten virgins and then related it to prayer and scripture study. It was pretty powerful. We had a really good discussion, great questions were asked, and it was an awesome end to the week. All in all things are going well and I'm still doing great!


Elder Kupka