Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 89

The Emore family, Brother Dawson, me and Elder Fonua!

Hello again,

The weeks just keep on going and going and I can't believe it's already been another one. Last Monday we played basketball and it was really fun; we're probably going to do it again today. Afterwards we had a great appointment with Eric where we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and committed him to baptism. He said that when he's ready he will. We're going to give him a date this week and I believe that he'll make it. He's a really good guy; he's just very calm and inquisitive in a good way. He's doing great.

After the lesson we did exchanges with the Durbanville Elders so I went and picked up Elder Mendenhall and brought him back with me. He is a great missionary. He's in Elder Decebal-Cuza's transfer so he's still fairly new on the mission but you would never have been able to tell. He's a real good people person and he's a great teacher. I have nothing but good things to say about him and we had a powerful day together.

We had a lesson with the Le Rouxs and Elder Mendenhall showed me this object lesson where you take a spoon, a fork and a match and get them to balance on a cup and the trick is that the spoon and fork can't touch the cup. The Le Rouxs tried and Tammy actually beat it but then Elder Mendenhall threw in another rule and it didn't work. All in all it was a lesson about how the spoon represents us and the fork represents our family and the match is the Savior and when we all work together things just balance out. It was a great lesson for them. Brother and Sister Le Roux were called to be Primary teachers on Sunday. The family is doing so well and I love them so much!

Wednesday we had new Elders training and I must say it was very powerful. The Zone Leaders had asked me what they should do the training on. They called the other trainers too. The consensus we came to was learning how to face opposition and being confident through it all. The Zone Leaders found a really good video of Elder Maxwell and we discussed facing opposition and adversity. It was pretty awesome and I think everyone was boosted.

After that we had a full day of appointments. One of them was with Brother and Sister Miller. They are an old coloured couple that Elder Mendenhall and I tracted into. They ended up telling us their life story and talked about how they were born Catholic and they're going to die Catholic. So, not the most productive lesson but they told me to come back before I go home so hopefully we'll be able to go back and plant some seeds.

Also this week they have been working on our flat and fixing a few things up. The broken windows are being replaced, the dirty blinds are gone, the mold under our sink is gone and the sink has been replaced. I didn't tell you about all these things but now that they are gone it's a pretty nice place. I'm getting it fixed up before I go home.

Other than that we had a great day on Thursday. We had six appointments and a lunch appointment and they all held. The Bothwells made us a great lunch and we got to talk to them then we went and saw Sisa and read from Mosiah 18 with him. We saw Michelle and one of her sons and read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon and encouraged them to keep reading and praying to get an answer.

We saw Charles, Rodger, Phelly and Ivy and they are all doing really well. Then we finished the night at Mandi and Forgi's house with Brother Elton. We had a great lesson and Mandi told us that she'll cook us umngqusho if we get her the ingredients. I'm super pumped because I didn't think that I would have umngqusho again! So next time we get money we're going to do it for sure.

Friday was District meeting again and it went well; we talked about grace. The rest of the week was just an average week full of appointments. I'm keeping busy and working hard. One fun thing is that the ward started a choir this week and we joined it. So, I'll be in one last choir before I come home, unless they kick me out because of my voice --- hopefully not!

Love you all!

Elder Kupka