Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 90

This week... well, this week has been a crazy week. We had miracles, we had Zone Conference, we had dropped appointments, I got sick, we gave service - it was just about everything that could happen all wrapped up into one week. But I'll start at the beginning.

Last Monday we didn't have any appointments so we went to follow up on some people and we ended up seeing the Johnsons. They are a member family who I realized hadn't been to church in a while. We went and made some return appointments and shared some messages with them and then they made it to church on Sunday.

We then saw Wayne and Arlene who is the power couple we had tracted into last transfer. We hadn't heard anything from them so we went to follow up. We were able to find them at home and they were busy and they were working and going on vacation during the weekend so we have a return appointment with them tomorrow that I am super excited about. I know that they are prepared to hear the gospel.

Tuesday was Zone Conference. We've been focusing on working miracles and finding people to teach but now President is realizing how young the mission is; there are only 13 missionaries older than me and 10 go home in two weeks so we are a very young mission. So Zone Conference was about teaching the Restoration, more specifically, teaching it in five minutes. Oftentimes people say that they don't have time to listen so now we can do it in five minutes so that they can feel the power of our message. It's actually really hard to cover it all in five minutes.

We were doing some role plays with it and I got paired up with Sister Peterson. She's one of the senior couples and her husband is the one who has helped us out with our car so many times. Well, she's been a member for a long time and I've been teaching the Restoration for 21 months so I thought that it would be kind of, I guess, boring.

Well, we got into it and it was going really well. When I got to the part about Joseph Smith she started tearing up and then I started tearing up as well. We've both heard this hundreds of times and know it is true but the spirit was so strong that we both just couldn't hold back. I know that I was a crier back home but that doesn't really happen anymore which made this even more powerful. There is power in the Restoration no matter how many times you have heard that Joseph Smith was a prophet called by God and this is the only true church on the face of the earth. I know this without a shadow of a doubt.

After the role play we had a delicious lunch of chicken broccoli prepared by Brother Mike and then we got to watch Meet the Mormons. It was awesome! It is a powerful movie that really shows that Mormons are normal people! There's one part where they show a clip of the Simpsons and Homer answers the door and there are two green aliens at the door step. He says "oh great, Mormons" and slams the door. That really is how people view us but that movie shows that we are just normal people trying to help all of God's children gain eternal salvation. Nothing weird about us at all!

After Zone Conference we had a lesson with the Le Roux family that went great; we read Mosiah 24. We then went to the Dube's house. Brother John wasn't feeling well and the next day we came back because they asked us to give him a blessing. Over the weekend he was hospitalized with pneumonia. So keep him in your prayers, please.

Wednesday was nice because we had a lot of appointments but my favorite one was with a guy named Keith. He was an internet referral that we had been trying to contact for a couple weeks. We finally met him and made an appointment for yesterday. He is powerful! He had heard about the Book of Mormon and was Googling it and requested one and that's how we had gotten his info. Well, we taught him the Restoration and it was very powerful.

Elder Fonua and I flowed so well through the lesson and we had Elton with us testifying and Keith was truly understanding everything that we were saying. It was amazing. He accepted the invitation to be baptized but his only problem is that he needs to rearrange his work schedule or find a new job but he said that he's not worried because the Lord always blesses him to find a new job and everything always works out when he prays. He is a golden investigator! 

Thursday was a pretty typical day. Friday however we didn't have District Meeting due to Zone Conference and it also happened to be the day that the Borehams were moving out of our ward and into Bellville. So we got the rest of the district to go with us and help them. It took six hours but we managed to get their house packed up and take things to the new house. They bought us KFC which made it totally worth it.

Afterwards we went and taught Princess and Enow's mother. Sister Emore wants to be baptized and join the rest of her family in the church so we're going to be completing the family very soon and I'm so excited.

Of course with all of these miracles there comes opposition as well and this weekend hit us hard. Saturday I woke up feeling kind of sick but we went to help the Le Roux's build a wall in front of their house. We had to dig holes and move the cement posts and slabs. It was hot and heavy work and we didn't even finish so we're going to finish it this Saturday. The rest of the day lots of appointments dropped and we did not have a lot of success.

Sunday I woke up feeling like death and my throat was killing me so much that I could barely speak and I was coughing up a lung. Church was nice though so I can't complain there. We saw the Zone Leaders at church since we share the chapel with Bellville and they commanded me to take the day off. I wasn't going to but then Elder Steele asked me if I thought the families wanted me to get them sick. I guess that was a fair point so we canceled our appointments and I slept the whole day. The Von Thanders still made us come over and have dinner with them, so I got some food in me which was good.

This morning I woke up and I still wasn't feeling very good so I asked Elder Fonua to give me a blessing. I don't know why but I never ask for blessings. I don't even remember the last time I've had one but I've given a ton of them. So he gave me one and literally as he was speaking I could feel my throat feeling better and I'm feeling so much better now. I'm so grateful for the priesthood and for my wonderful companion who was able to give me the blessing. The work is progressing, the church is true, and I'm doing great amidst all of the adversity. I love the work and I love the Lord!

Elder Kupka