Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 91

Well this week has been another week. I got really sick on Tuesday. I woke up and I could barely talk so I called the mission nurse and she sent me to the doctor because she could tell through the phone how bad I was doing. He felt my throat, looked down it, and gave me some antibiotics.

Tuesday we couldn't do anything so it was pretty boring so on Wednesday we tried to go out and do things but everything dropped; except for the Parks. They are a less active family and their daughter is 10 and wants to be baptized. So we went and started teaching the daughter. Hopefully, we can get them all coming to church and get the daughter baptized.

Thursday I finished my antibiotics and felt a lot better. Friday and Saturday we had Elder Bohn with us ; he is one of the traveling assistants. So he goes around on exchanges with a bunch of different missionaries and helps them to test the Lord's Promises. So we spent the weekend testing and finding and working hard. On Saturday night at the very last door we knocked on we found a very awesome new Father-lead family to teach.

We had spent the whole day finding and while we did find some good potential people to teach we also got invited in by a Muslim guy who then proceeded to tell us how wrong we are by quoting a random scripture in the Book of Job that wasn't even spoken by Job but by one of the people making fun of him, It says, "How can someone born by a woman be perfect?" He then said that because Christ was born of a woman he can not be perfect. It was a waste of time so we didn't get to into it with him and just left.

And then after a long day we arrived at our awesome family's place. We knocked on the door and showed her a Book of Mormon and she invited us in. We told her about the Book of Mormon and what our message is. She's a systems analyst for a big company based in the States. She has a husband and a son and a daughter. They were all super nice and we're going back this Saturday to start teaching them. I pray that they work out because they would be a great addition to the Ward.

Sunday was kind of crazy. I did a baptism interview right after church for a woman who has been a member of the church since 1993. Her records had been lost somewhere and she needs to be re-baptized. So I interviewed her and of course, she nailed every question. Then we went to choir practice which was interesting. We have a very young choir both in age and choir experience but I'm sure we'll get better.

We then went with Elton to give the Sacrament to the Septembers. From there we went to Durbanville and I did another interview for a guy named Shantin who's going to be baptized next week --- he hasn't been baptized before. He's a super sweet guy and very ready for baptism. After that we went back to our area to have dinner with the Von Thanders; I love that family. Then we went and checked up on Emmanuel and Jolene and ended up having a really good lesson and Emmanuel's brother there. His brother said that he doesn't usually like meeting with church people but that he felt something inside him as we were teaching. We tried to get his details so we could refer him to the missionaries that work in his area but he said that he would just disappoint them and not be there. So we gave him a Book of Mormon and hopefully we'll be able to see him again.

Which brings us to today. Today has been very different. We started off this morning giving service which doesn't usually  happen on P-days but that's okay. Then we came and started emailing but then Sister Salome called. She's the wife of the guy who had pneumonia. Brother John had been in the hospital since last weekend. When she called today she told us that something had gone wrong and that the blood had filled his brain and caused him to be brain dead. She asked us to come and give a blessing to him before he passed away.

So we went to the hospital and it was really sad to see him laying there with a whole lot of machines hooked up to him keeping him alive. I gave him the blessing and I was hoping that I would be able to tell him to move or do something because the doctors said that if he so much as coughed or moved a finger he would be fine. As I placed my hands on his head I knew that it wasn't going to happen. I blessed him and released him from this life. I will never be able to fully describe what I felt as I gave this blessing. It was a mixture of sadness for his passing but happiness due to the knowledge that the plan of salvation brings. I know that there is life after death and that families can be together forever but only through the gospel of Jesus Christ and through priesthood authority. I know this to be true and I know the church is true.


Elder Kupka