Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 92


This week has been pretty good. On Tuesday I got to go on exchanges with Elder Wilhelmsen. He's a great guy and a great missionary. He's been transferred to Kwano Buhle this week so I'll never see him until he gets home; which isn't for a long time – ha ha. We had some good lessons.

We taught Eric about the Word of Wisdom. He said that from a physical point of view it doesn't make sense but from a spiritual standpoint he sees it. He committed to live it so that was good and we'll follow up on that next time we see him.

We also saw the Emores. The ward clerk had not been able to find Peter's records so we were going to have to re-baptize him so Elder Wilhelmsen and I taught the restoration and plan of salvation in one lesson to get him caught up to Sister Emore. When we went back though they had found his records at last and we didn't need to baptize him again after all so that's good.

On Wednesday we got to see Tristan again and she's doing really well. It's always fun teaching children because they ask super funny questions and you have to make it really simple for them. She asked if God is really, really big because He can see everything at the same time. When we said no she said, “Oh, He probably has a lot of twins then.”  I think we finally were able to clear things up for her, I hope. We're going back tonight to have an FHE with the whole family. 

Thursday was good because we finally got to see Andre Charles’ brother again and he's doing really well. He's been reading the Book of Mormon and understanding it. He hasn't prayed about it yet and I think it's because he's afraid of what the answer will be. But we'll keep working on it with him.

Friday was a nice district meeting. We had a reflection meeting where we talked about fun things that happened during this last transfer, things that we learned, and our spiritual experiences. It was nice to hear all of the things that have happened; it was a really good one and a really quick one and I've only got two more to go!

Friday evening we went out to Durbanville to do a baptismal interview for a 10 year old kid that wasn't baptized. I'm working with a lot of kids recently and it’s nice; he's a smart kid and he's ready for his baptism.

Saturday was Brother John's funeral. Unfortunately the hearse bringing him to the funeral broke down on the N1 so he was a bit late, but we started without him and it was a nice service. After the funeral we had correlation meeting with Leon and a couple of good appointments. We also went back to our return appointments with the people from last week that we had found but none of them were home. Even the people that we had just left pamphlets for were all gone. It was sad.

But, we did get to go to a lesson with the great potential family that we had found last week. We brought Brother Sam with us, who is a returned missionary and super awesome guy, and it was a very powerful lesson. They belong to the New Apostolic faith. We had a great discussion with them about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and they really know their stuff. Brother Sam does as well and it was a really good discussion. I don’t think I have had one like that during my whole mission. It was really powerful and they told us that we can come back every Saturday. I'm really excited for this family because they have their beliefs but they are willing to listen to what we have to say and really think about it. It's going to be great!

Sunday was nice and busy. We had a great lesson with Emmanuel and Jolene about the plan of salvation and they are doing so well. Then we saw Sister Emore. She's doing so well and she is really excited about the gospel. She is accepting it but not just accepting it she is living and applying it and it's really making a difference in her life and it makes me so happy to see. The whole family will be completed at the end of this month.

We then went to Stake choir practice. We'll be singing in the Stake Conference coming up on Sunday. I'm going to begin and finish my mission singing in this choir!

After that we had a great lesson with Mandi and Forgi and Leon about tithing and fasting. Our lesson went a bit deeper as we started talking about trials, and struggles, and how our faith can help us overcome them. It was really awesome and it went really well with two scriptures that I had found in the New Testament this week in my studies.

In Hebrews 11:40, in the Joseph Smith Translation, it talks about how without struggles we cannot be made perfect and then if you link that with Romans 8:18 it talks about how the sufferings of this life are not even worthy to be compared with the glory that we are to receive in the life to come. I found these the day after we gave Brother John the blessing in the hospital. I was really kind of depressed but when I read these scriptures it made me feel so much better. The spirit really works and the church is super true!


Elder Kupka