Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 93

Hello again,

We don't have a lot of time this week because we hiked to Lion’s Head this morning. To sum things up --- we had lots of good appointments, we got rid of the green piece of junk car that we used to have and got an Etios; so I'm driving manual again!

We had a great lesson with the Etsabeth family. Sister Etsabeth is a member and her husband is not. They are an older couple. Brother Etsabeth is a super awesome guy. He's very friendly and he truly wants to know if the church is true. So we had a lesson on Joseph Smith but for our next visit we’re going to talk about Personal Revelation because we feel like that's what he needs more than a lesson from the missionary lessons. Hopefully it will work!

We also committed Alexi to baptism. He's Brother Celestian’s brother who doesn't speak very much English. He is currently going to a center to learn English and we've been teaching him with the help of his brother and it's been going very well. He knows everything is true and once he learns English a bit more he will be baptized; hopefully, before I go home. We have scheduled it for the last Sunday in May.

Sister Emore's baptism interview was this week and she passed with flying colors so she will be baptized this coming Sunday. What a blessing for their family. 

We had Stake Conference this weekend and it was super powerful. During the adult session of conference the talks were all about councils for both family and ward. It gave me a few of ideas that I can apply in my District and then more ideas for when I'm home and hold callings and for when I have a family.

A member of the Stake Presidency talked about how he counseled with his 7 and 9 year old children about how they could fix a problem. The children then came up with a great idea and they applied it the very next day. It gave me some great ideas for my future life.

President Merrill gave a powerful talk about missionary work. He spoke about the miracles that have been happening across the mission. He said that one Sunday we had over 300 investigators and over 200 less actives at Sacrament meeting. The mission is doing so well because we are being obedient and seeing lots of miracles because of it. It makes me so happy and it makes me want to stay on the mission longer but at the same time I cannot wait to come home and see all of my friends and family again.

Today we hiked Lion’s Head as a Zone and at the top we set goals of things that we want to accomplish. It should be a great transfer and I only have two left so it had better be. The work is going great and I'm loving it, but I don't have much to say this week.

Elder Kupka