Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 95

It's been a tough week this week. We've had investigators move out of our area and we've had other investigators drop us, so we are hitting the refresh button. We're going to find those people who are truly committed to learn more and be baptized and then we're going to go and find more people who are committed as well. It should be busy. We do have some good people were seeing and they are progressing but you can never have too many.

On Wednesday we saw one of these. His name is John and he's from DRC. He had met with the missionaries there but his family told him that they were of the devil and threw away all of his pamphlets. Now we're getting to meet with him again and he's doing really well and I'm very excited to keep working with him.

Also on Wednesday we got to go to the Boreham’s house for an Easter egg hunt and dinner. It was the hardest Easter egg hunt I've ever done. They are really good at hiding the eggs. We also had a nice dinner with Grant and his girlfriend who were there from Joburg.

Thursday we met with a guy named Sean. He's from Polokwane and is a member. We were teaching someone on the porch of their house and Sean happened to walk by and see us and come up and talk to us. He's been living here since January but had no idea where the church was. So we were able to explain it to him and he should be able to get there now. It was really cool because he said he's never walked down that street before and something just told him that he should that day, and boom he meets us!

Friday we had district meeting. I did it on the three pillars of eternity since it was Easter weekend. It sounded a lot like Elder Holland's talk in conference. He must've been listening in on me. That evening we went to the Le Roux's and they gave us pickled fish. Pickled fish is a huge Easter tradition in the Coloured culture. It was alright but not my favorite.

Saturday we cleaned the chapel with the ward and then afterwards contacted a referral of a guy who requested a Book of Mormon. He turned out to be Muslim which was kind of surprising but we taught the restoration and he told us that we could come back next month after he's had time to read it. It should be interesting, we'll see what happens.

In the evening we watched the Saturday morning session of conference and then the District came over to our place for dinner. We made pulled pork sandwiches and they were super good; it was Elder Fonua's recipe.

Sunday was full of conference. We watched the priesthood session in the morning and then after that we went and had an investigator follow us to Church. He seemed to enjoy Conference and he said that he's coming back again next week. We're seeing him on Saturday and hopefully we'll be able to start teaching his whole family.

 I'm just trying to work hard these last couple of weeks; it's not always easy but I'm trying.

Elder Kupka

It does get cold in Cape Town