Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 98

Well, this was a good week but I can't remember most of it and I left my planner in the flat too so this will be difficult. The weeks just keep flying by and I only have six left; I feel very strange to be honest. I'm excited and nervous for home. I want to keep being a missionary but at the same time I feel like I've been here forever. I have so many mixed emotions and they hit me all at different times throughout the day.

I'm doing my best to finish strong. I really want to leave this area with lots of progressing people. We have some really great people who we are teaching right now. Unfortunately most of our investigators dropped their appointments this week. They all had really good reasons too. One guy said he was called into an emergency at work and he wants his whole family to be together when we come. We agreed 100% so we're going to be seeing them this week now.

I went on exchanges with Elder  Mendenhall and we had a good day. We had 45 minutes to go finding so we asked the Lord to help us to get a return appointment because it was still early in the afternoon and it was a nicer area. Well, after 40 minutes we had been rejected by a lot of people. We tried one last house and they let us right in. They were busy at the time but they said that we could come back the next day. Promise fulfilled.

Friday was Elder Fonua's birthday. After District meeting we went to Starlite Diner to celebrate. I bought him a ‘kitchen sink’ to share. It was a ton of ice cream. It's like 12 scoops, and has brownies, Oreos, pineapple, cherries and a bunch of other stuff. It was super filling and we shared it with the other Elders and we all didn't even finish it. Elder Pahulu ordered one for himself and ate the whole thing. It was very impressive.

It was a good week but nothing too spectacular happened to report on.  It should be another great week here in Panorama and I’m on my last transfer. Oh yeah, Elder Fonua and I are staying together a third transfer and I'm super happy for that. I didn't want anyone else to finish me off. The whole District is staying together too and practically so is the whole Zone; very few changes. Elder Decebal-Cuza is training so I'll get to meet my grand-trainee before I go home too.

Elder Kupka

The District

Elder Fonua's Birthday

Elder Pahulu eating the 'kitchen sink'