Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 101

Another great week - with only a few remaining! I went on exchanges with Elder Pahulu in Durbanville. We had a lot of time to go finding and we didn't get much success out of it but the rest of the day went great. We got to see a member in the ward who had been sick. She is really awesome. She has a strong testimony of the gospel and it was so uplifting that it really boosted mine a bit more.

I had also had lunch with her daughter in the Port Elizabeth Ward when I served there. She and her husband had us over one week so it was nice to make another connection. It's crazy how many connections I now have all across South Africa.

We saw Chanten, a recent convert from the other area, who I interviewed a few months ago. He is doing great and we taught one of his friends a great Plan of Salvation lesson afterward. It made so much sense to them and you could tell by their eyes that they were understanding it really well.

Wednesday was a rough day with lots of dropped appointments. Thursday was going a bit better until we got to a family who we had been seeing but they decided that they aren't going to sit with us anymore. They said that they really enjoyed having us over but that they were going to stay where they are comfortable. It was really, really sad. They even tried to give us their copies of the Book of Mormon back. I told them that they can keep it so that it will continue to remind them of the lessons we've been teaching them.

Friday was a bit better. We saw Alexi and Marlaim and Alexi is very good at English now. We went over the baptismal interview questions with him and he passed with a few small laughs along the way. Like telling us that he has committed a serious crime, had an abortion and been in a homosexual relationship (none of which are true) but he is ready. Marlaim isn't as good at English but we left them the questions to study. They want to be baptized together though so it may or may not happen before I leave.

Saturday was also a very open day. We had two appointments in the morning and one of them dropped. The one that held though was with a less active sister. She had been baptized in France but hadn't learned everything  properly through her not perfect French. So she has a slight problem with the concept of exaltation. We talked about it and read quite a few scriptures and left her with some things to read. So hopefully that will help her bolster her testimony.

We also saw Sister Emore in the morning. After lunch we went finding in a neighborhood that we had only driven past once before and Elder Fonua and I both had a good feeling about it. When we went back we knocked on four doors, got into three of them, taught three lessons and got three return appointments; those are some pretty good stats.

The last appointment was with an awesome coloured family! The father is a chemical engineer for Mercedes and a music producer;  very sweet family. We taught them the restoration. They had a few slight problems with it but they said that we can come back again. After the lesson they told us that they almost never let people into their home but they had felt something different about us. That would be the Spirit. I look forward to continuing to meet with them.

After that we met with another less active girl who had been injured at school using a machine. Her hair had been caught in it and she ended up doing something to a nerve. I'm not a doctor but it sounded very painful. She was doing much better though and came to church the next day so that was great. We ended up turning our very open Saturday into a very productive day.

Sunday was awesome because Brother Sama came to church again. He brought his two sons again and his daughter as well this time. He told us that when we see him this week he's going to make sure his whole family is there and he has baptismal date for the 21 of June which he is really excited for. The rest of his family should be joining him soon.

We also had a guy named Godfrey show up at the chapel. He had heard about the church and wanted to come find it. He had been looking since 7 a.m. and had gotten lost a few times but he finally made it. He is a golden guy. Then after church we had lunch with Sister Sharon. It was a great lunch and we were able to give her the Sacrament because she has been sick the last few weeks.

We also saw Kingsly and finished talking about the Plan of Salvation with him. It went so well! I love teaching the Plan of Salvation. He was skeptical about the spirit world and the three kingdoms of glory but after we read some scriptures and talked about it you could see it just click in him and he said that it was true! He's going to be coming to church in two weeks because he has a commitment already this week.

The work is going so well which makes it easier for me to stay motivated. I'm loving it and the mission is great but I can't wait to see all of the wonderful people back in Utah.


Elder Kupka